Which is better - Nandi Hills or Bannerghatta National Park?

Nandi Hills and Bannerghatta National Park are two very popular tourist locations in South India and
have unique features that may appeal to different set of travellers. If you are a nature lover and
visiting scenic locations appeals to you then you will thoroughly enjoy a trip to Nandi Hills. However, I am personally inclined towards visiting Bannerghatta National Park as it has more places to cover and has a vast variety of wildlife that will make your tour very engaging. A typical Bannerghatta National Park tour package will take you on a number of Safaris categorized interestingly like the Herbivores Safari, Bear Safari, Tiger Safari, and Lion Safari. You will also visit a Butterfly Park that is abode to more than 48 species of butterflies. It also has aquariums, snake house, and rescue centre which will give you all the more reason to explore the place.