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    River Rafting destinations in India

    It is no wonder that river rafting has attracted not only adventure sports lovers but also travelers and tourists. With a heap of roaring rivers, you can easily find many rivers for river rafting in India.
    Many of you may not know that India is considered one of the best river rafting sites in the world. The Ganges River near Rishikesh, Sindh and Zanskar in Jammu and Kashmir, Teesta River in Sikkim and Beas River in Himachal Pradesh are some of the places where you can enjoy river rafting. For river rafting, you can visit exciting places like Alaknanda, Bhagirathi in Uttarakhand, Brahmaputra and Subansari in Arunachal Pradesh.
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    10 Best Places For River Rafting In India
    1. Kullu-Manali
    2. Yamuna River
    3. River Ganga, Rishikesh
    4. Tons River, Uttarakhand
    5. Spiti River
    6. Zanskar River
    7. Barapole, Coorg
    8. River Bhagirathi, Uttarakhand
    9. Alaknanda River, Uttarakhand
    10. Kundalika River, Maharashtra
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    The river rafting has emerged as one of the popular sport in India and is one the way of becoming a hotspot for it. Only a true adventurer can realize and appreciate the sport with great enthusiasm. Here is a list of best river rafting places in India.
    1. River Ganga, Hrishikesh.
    2. Indus River, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir
    3. Yamuna River, Uttrakhand.
    4. Brahmaputra River (Lohit River), Arunachal Pradesh.
    5. Tons River, Uttarakhand.
    6. Teesta River, Sikkim, and Darjeeling.
    7. Barapole, Coorg.
    8. Kundalika River, Maharashtra.
    9. Zanskar River, Ladakh.
    10. Beas River, Kullu-Manali.

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    There are many good location to do river rafting in India like:
    Yamuna River, Uttrakhand
    Beas River, Kullu-Manali
    Teesta River, Sikkim, and Darjeeling
    Barapole, Coorg
    River Ganga, Hrishikesh

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