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    Which is the best time to visit leh-Ladakh?

    Leh-Ladakh is supposed to be inaccesible in winters due to snow fall. Which is then the best time to visit there? Members may like to share their experiences especially those who have visited there.
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    I have been to Leh and Ladakh, a few decades back. We travelled, as a group of friends and it remains one of the most memorable trips I have done. As far as I can recall, we had gone there during the summer - I do not remember the exact time of the year, as it was very long ago. This encourages me to put down my experiences. I will try and keep it relevant and engaging. Luckily, I have found the CD with photographs from our trip.
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    Nice. I would be looking for your article on that.

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    The best time to visit Ladakh by road is from mid-May to September as the Leh Manali Highway opens up via Rohtang Pass. Mid-September to mid-October is an amazing time to visit Leh and Ladakh as the place is permeated in flamboyance through the Srinagar-Leh as well as Manali-Leh roads.

    But if you want to see live snowfall, the best time will be December and January. Most of the people rent a self-drive car or bike for this amazing road trip. So you are advised to travel by a self-drive car if you are in group of more than two. You can rent a self-drive car from Myles as they are available in 21+ cities. You can book a car from the website (mylescars). On the other hand, you are advised to rent a bike if you are going to travel with a friend.

    I hope it will help you.

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    The tourists generally visit Ladakh during the summer when both the routes to Ladakh ( from Kashmir and from Rohtang) are open and there is no obstruction.

    However, some adventure-loving tourists visit Ladakh even in September-October by air as the airport at Leh (Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport) remains open throughout the year.

    Thoise airport is also used by high-ranking military officials.

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    Thanks to all the members for providing nice details about visiting Leh-Ladakh.

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    The best time to travel leh ladhakh is during summers between may and september as the rohtang pass is open during that time.

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    Thanks for your feedback.

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    The best time to visit the Leh-Ladakh is during summers between April to July. Amazing scenery along with enchanting Buddhist festival like the famous Hemis festival can be witnessed during this period.

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    The best time to visit leh ladakh by bike is from mid-May to October. Roads from Srinagar are thrown open from mid-May, whereas the Manali route is opened after May. You can take this road trip only during the autumn and summer season. the most suitable months have to be between the end of May to the mid of September. Around this time, the snow begins to melt and the roads appear much more cleaner.

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