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    Do you think that tourism would revive soon and hotels would have good occupancy?

    Due to the present pandemic, tourism is at its low and hotel occupancy has gone down. The whole tourism industry is in shambles. Many people are hoping that this situation would soon improve and things would be as glorious as they were earlier. What is your expectation about it. Would the tourism industry revive back?
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    The hotels may get business oriented customers than tourists. Most of them are struggling to lead their daily life. Travel plans can be expected once people settle back to normal lives.

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    The travel and tourism industry will definitely revive and jump back. I don't think avid travellers will be compelled to refrain from travelling, for long, They will hit the road, as soon as the situation normalises. From what I understand, COVID 19 has left the majority of the population feeling bogged down and drained, mentally and physically. People will want to rejuvenate and get back to leading a normal life; and one of the best ways of doing that would be to do things that they most enjoy - travel, visit new places and experience new cultures etc.

    Most airlines, hotels and travel agencies are giving patrons the option of rebooking fresh dates, against bookings that stood cancelled due to the pandemic. So, those who have booked with them will undoubtedly travel once we are done with the crisis.

    "If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet, he said" -Rachel Wolchin

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    So nice to see you here Juana and appreciate the positive note in your response. It seems you were active in some of the sister sites of ISC. Recently some of the ISC member including me (Umesh) have joined some of its sister sites just to try whether we can increase the activities in them and pull in some traffic.

    Out of these sites one named as StudyVillage seems to have potential for growth. Are you present there also? What do you think about that site? Can you spare some time to see how some members of ISC are trying to make it more active. Your experience guidance would help us.

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    I completely agree with you Juana . The Travel Industry will definitely revive once things are normal . But we would get to see a new normal . Few changes which people would be looking for are # Well maintained Hotels in terms of hygiene and Social Distancing norms . # Hired Vehicle will get more business compared to shared vehicle . # People would opt for shorter breaks as of now to rejuvenate themselves . # Long Vacations will take time to revive . # Road trips will become more popular . People would avoid travelling in public transport .
    # Domestic tourism will get an immediate response however International tourism will take time to jump up again due to Visa Restrictions , Airline Policies etc .

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