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    Travel Habit Will be Changed After COVID19

    I afraid that traveling habit of people may changed after COVID19.
    And then this will lead to major changes in human/traveler behavior and also raise an issues to travel industry that how they handle.
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    Abhishek, this virus threat has almost made the tourist industry standstill and at present the tourism sector is in a very bad shape. Even after this problem is controlled life would not be same as people have learned many new things and would be cautious in moving here and there and would be alert in their actions like eating outside food, strolling in crowded places, hangout centres etc. Let us see how the things slowly come back to their old glory. We can only hope for that.

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    Yes, the travel habit will change forever. The most noticeable change would be that the passengers will follow social distancing strictly. The fellow passengers in trains won't share food items with each other. They will interact less. In planes, the passengers will become very aloof.

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    Members are painting an awfully gloomy picture. I have more sanguine expectations from the future. Life will be back to normal sooner than we can imagine.

    The human race is resilient and not one to be cowered by fear, for long. People enjoy their freedom, and it won't be long before everyone gets back to living normally. People will bounce back, and as will the travel industry.

    Things do look dismal right now, but there are inklings that the current situation will change. Social distancing isn't here to stay – the serpentine queues when liquor shops opened their shutters, the huge crowds that thronged market areas to stock up essentials just before the complete lockdown happened in Chennai. People are fighting the system to be able to move freely. Several reports show people in countries like the US, Germany, Australia, Israel – people want back their lives. And this is just a reflection of how they would act once the lockdowns are lifted.

    All we need is a vaccine; once that is developed, travel plans will go back to being what they were. None of us is willing to be confined to our homes until eternity.

    "If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet, he said" -Rachel Wolchin

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    The virus will be there. It can't be eradicated. But the scientists all over the world are trying their level best to minimize its effect on humankind. Till such time their efforts are successful, tourism all over the world will be badly affected.
    So far as social distancing is concerned, at least the thinking and logical people will try to follow this principle as best as the circumstance permits.

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    Uncertainty is looming on our heads and we do to know when we would be able to plan our visit to any place. Tourism is stalled across the world due to this dreadful situation. We are sitting helplessly and our fingers crossed. If the virus is not eradicated and we have to live with it then I am afraid very few courageous and risk taking persons would be able to go out as a tourist. Let us wait and watch the situation before we take any such decision in our lives.

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