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    Beautiful Assam: Visiting Haflong, Jatinga and Panimoor

    Haflong is the only hill station of Assam. This quiet small town is a perfect place for spending a weekend from Guwahati (Brahmaputra valley) or Silchar (Barak valley). It can be reached from Shillong also.

    The cool breezes from Haflong lake soothe the body and mind of the tired traveler who has fled the hustle and bustle of big cities. Boat ride facility is available at Haflong lake. The tourists enjoy the serene sunrise in the Borail Mountain. The Kali Temple at the hilltop is considered very holy and a must-visit place. Incidentally, in local Dimasa language, Haflong means 'ant-hill'.

    From Haflong, tourists can visit Jatinga valley. This picturesque valley is well-known as it is considered mysterious for suicide of many birds. Every year, many birds visit this valley from near and far-away places at a particular time and commit suicide. The reason behind this phenomenon is not known. Leaving aside this mystery, Jatinga is known for its natural beauty. Tourists can drive to this serene valley from Haflong in only thirty minutes. This valley rejuvenates the tourists with its abundant natural beauty.

    Near Jatinga valley, there is Panimoor waterfall. The white foam formed by the water of Kapali River makes the tourist spellbound.

    All three places are located at Dima Hasao District of Assam. Haflong can be reached by car or by bus from Guwahati, Silchar or Shillong. All three cities have airports. From Guwahati, Haflong can be reached by train also.
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    Author has provided a nice sketch of these three places Half long, Jatinga and Panimoor situated in Assam. I was told about these places long back in 1980 when I went to visit my cousin in Gauhati. Assam state is full of greenery and beautiful locales. I had an opportunity to work there for some time during 1976 to 1980 and again during 1997 to 2001. I had seen some places like Jorhat, Sibasagar, Golaghat, Mariani, Gauhati etc. There is a famous Lord Shiva temple near the lake in Sibasagar and is a great place for tourists. I had visited it 2-3 times. It is also a nice place for day picnic. Sibasagar is famous for Assam silk saris and other such silk material. I have also heard about this Jatinga mystery and many travelogue authors have mentioned it in their writings.

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    Thanks to Mr. Bhatt for reading this post. As I have already stated, these three places are in Dima Hasao district of Assam, which is a tribal district. Haflong is the only hill-station of the state. Jatinga is known for the so-called suicide of birds, but very few know about the resplendent beauty of the place. And, even very few people in Assam know about the beautiful Panimoor waterfall.

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