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    Beautiful Assam: Two pleasant tourist spots in Guwahati

    All of us know that Guwahati (not Gauhati; 'Guwa' means areca nut, whereas 'Gau' means cow) is the capital of Assam. People go to Guwahati on their way to visit the sacred Kamakhya Temple, which is a Shakti Peeth. However, there are some very pleasant tourist spots in Guwahati. I am now mentioning two such spots within the city.

    Navagraha Mandir (Temple): This sacred and serene temple is well-known among the people of the city. Assamese people believe that here Lord Brahma created the stars and nine planets, which gradually initiated the practice of astrology or 'Jyotish'. From this word, the city of Guwahati got its ancient name of 'Pragjyotishpur'.

    Deepor Beel (Lake): It is a permanent freshwater lake located at the south-west of the city. It is one of the largest lakes of lower Assam. This lake is very important for its biodiversity and has been declared a bird sanctuary. Different types of fish are available in this ancient lake. This lake also has historical significance.

    Local people visit these two places frequently, but these spots are generally not known to the tourists who come to Guwahati from outside Assam. The tourists can rejuvenate themselves in the lap of nature visiting these two sacred, serene and ancient places.
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    I had been to Guwahati long back but was not knowing these two spots there. We were told only about the main tourist spots like Zoo, park and Kamakhya Devi temple and we covered them all one by one. The details of these two places Navagraha Mandir (Temple) and Deepor Beel (Lake) as given by the author evoke interest to see them. I think these should be included by the local administration in the list of tourist places.

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    Thanks to Mr. Bhatt for reading this small post.

    As I have already stated, both these places are well-known among the people living in Guwahati. The city got its original name from this Temple. Those who like fresh fish, visit the beautiful and large lake.

    There are many unknown and little-known treasure troves all over North-East.

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