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    If you are Couple travelers then you should know that...

    Hey folks, as we all know that travel is everyone's favorite thing to do, It is the thing that everyone wants to do in their life. Family, Business trips, friends tour etc. But for Couples, specially for Unmarried couples who are coming across India to travel in Delhi, stay is the only issue that they are facing, because most of hotels they deny stay for couples specially for unmarried couples, But MTC Rooms is the best hotel for unmarried couples in CR Park, New Delhi. You can stay with all modern amenities offered by them. also visit their website and thanks me later.
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    Can it be booked through some online agency or directly from them? Have you got an approximate idea of the room tariffs they charge not exactly but some indication and range in which they move up and down season to season?

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    They ask for both id cards and Hotels allow you to stay. they don't ask you either you are married or not. but you need to show you id cards. that's it.

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    The hotel asks you for an id card and then you can stay. Also, if you want information about some travels, then click on the given link. []wonders7[/url]

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