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    Your best friend on any travel - MASK

    In order to have a pleasant travel experience, use the mask right with your most promising during this epidemic phase. Wear a mask that completely covers your mouth and nose when going out. Do not use a mask that draws air from the edges or bottom, there should not be a gap between your face and the mask. Some people touch their masks repeatedly, take care not to touch the mask again and again. Always apply the mask to the mask by sanitizing or washing it. Always carry at least 4 to 5 masks with you during travel. Enjoy the journey, but keep your safety in mind first. Always remember this time will be passed out one day but we should never take any risk to our health by any negligence.
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    Mask has become a must carry thing for us at every place. Whether we are travelling for long journey or going outside for a couple of hours, mask is must. It is better to carry multiple masks and dispose the used ones properly. Till the situation not getting normal, we have to make these masks our best friend.

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