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    What are some fascinating places to visit in Thailand?

    Thailand is a place that is constantly growing in popularity and rightly so, as it comes with vibrant cities, stunning beaches, and a wide range of fantastic experiences. In the north, you will find cities, towns, and distant communities, many of which offer wonderful sightseeing experiences. While in the south of Thailand various islands may be suitable for people after a more comfortable trip. The country also has great connections and can be flown directly from most major cities. Some nationalities do not require a visa for a short stay of up to 30 days but check what applies to you before visiting.
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    there are lots of great places in Thailand to visit It all depends upon the mood and time of the traveler. As Thailand has many monk monasteries as well as beaches and nightclubs.

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    As far as I know, most of the restrictions have now been lifted. Tiland is a great place to rest

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