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    What are the top offbeat places in Goa?

    There was a time when Goa had peak seasons and low seasons. There was a time when his pockets were quiet. With the influx of tourists to the coastal state, this is no longer the case. Even the formerly quiet by-lane of North Goa now sees its fair share of tourists. But that doesn't mean you can't escape the crowds and enjoy some really unique experiences on your holiday in Goa.
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    When finding the best offbeat places in Goa, you cannot go wrong by exploring the beaches and coastal towns. However, if you're looking for something a little bit more unique and quirky, then consider checking out some of these top offbeat places:

    1) MEO FARM – This vegetable farm is known for its experimental vegetables grown using sustainable methods. There's also a garden where visitors can learn about organic gardening techniques.

    2) MEER GANGA HARIBOOM & JAGDHA MARINA – The Hariboom is an artificial lagoon inhabited by many different fish species. At the same time, Jagdha Marina features beautiful gardens with ponds and waterways filled with exotic birds.

    3) BIRD WATCHING AT GIRA DECIMA – If you're interested in bird watching but don't want to head outdoors, Gra Descimaba has several exhibits that will allow you to watch all sorts of feathered friends from inside.

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    Uncover the hidden gems of Goa and embark on a journey of discovery to offbeat treasures that promise to enchant and delight. Explore beyond the beaten path and create unique memories in this tropical paradise!
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