Best Time to Visit North Goa

Everyone, especially young people, fantasizes about taking vacations in Goa. There is a well-known adage that Goa's schemes are difficult to carry out. You must be looking for the best time to explore North Goa if you have decided you will cross Goa off your bucket list this year.

Due to its tropical environment, Goa experiences hot summers, powerful monsoons, and mild and pleasant winters. As a result, Goa will experience its busiest travel season from October to February, which is also the ideal time to travel there. However, during these months, Goa will be overrun with visitors, and it will feel crowded.

You can travel to Goa during the summer or the rains because these times allow you to see the state in its various lighting conditions. So let's commence our discussion by looking at the reasons Goa can be visited throughout the year.

Mid-October to February (Winter Months)
March to June (Summer Months)
July to Mid-October (Monsoon Months)