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    What are the tip to be follow to visit Delhi?

    Plan your itinerary wisely to cover the city's diverse attractions, including historical landmarks, markets, and cultural sites.
    Be prepared for Delhi's varying weather conditions, as summers can be scorching and winters chilly. Dress accordingly and stay hydrated.
    Use reliable transportation options like the metro, taxis, or ride-sharing services to navigate the city's bustling streets efficiently.
    Exercise caution when crossing roads and be mindful of traffic, which can be chaotic at times.
    Embrace the local cuisine but be cautious of street food hygiene. Opt for reputable eateries and try popular dishes like butter chicken, chaat, and kebabs for an authentic culinary experience.
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    firstly you just visit to rajghat and you get all thing to visit where in delhi...becuase there is lot of sellers who sells travel books or more things you get from there or also rajghat is must visit place in delhi

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