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    What can we do to make ITB a buzzing site?

    I have been very enthusiastic about ITB when I came to know about it. But since I have joined this site, I am seeing very less activity taking place. I am willing to contribute more but feeling a little bit jittery watching the stagnant condition of this site. All of us who are here are also in TEC or in ISC, but that vibrant activity which we observe there is yet to be built up here.
    We have a fantastic platform to earn at our own pace, so it would be missing out the opportunity to let this site go down. Let us warm up and make it one of the most popular travel blog sites.
    A little bit quicker response from the editors can make things move.
    Please share your opinions friends.
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    Yes I do agree to you. But if you see this site, the name itself is most of a blog and hence I feel it may be lying only with one member or few and also feel the blogs posted also have its own impact to publish according to the trend in travel blogging I feel.

    Anyway, responses from admn may highlight more on it.

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    I agree too Jasagos, but if you look at the lobby, you will find quite a number of members contributing there. Even in the new submission list,many articles are waiting for approval. Just this forum message itself took so many days of fetching a response.
    That's where I am till bit perturbed, whether something has to be done from our side, to run this site effectively, but without our posts been edited, we cannot do anything. That's where we need to discuss.

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    We are gearing up for a grand re-launch of this site. As of now, we are building up some content for the site. I am sure with the help of members like you, we will definitely achieve a buzzing site here.

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    That was a grand news Sir, we are all looking forward to that great event, and want to actively participate in it.
    Hope to be able to deliver a couple of articles within this weekend and see more members actively participating in the forum section.

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