What is the cheapest way to explore Munnar?

Are you looking for the cheapest ways to explore Munnar? Read tips from our travel experts to visit Munnar at the lowest cost. Skip the luxury resorts and go for budget hotels in the rown, which is one the several tips you can find here to save money while visiting Munnar.

I'm big on travel but not on spending. I want to visit Munnar in Kerala and thinking about a backpacking trip to save some money. It's not that I don't want to spend anything but really want to limit my expenditure on travel. I will happily spend on whatever is absolutely necessary. For example, I know I can't cut the cost on entry fees etc but don't want to spend US$300 to stay in a luxury resort. Any budget hotel for less than US$20 per day will be just fine for me.

Anyone who is living in Munnar - can you please guide me how to plan a trip to Munnar at the cheapest cost?