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    What precautions must be taken while travelling in train during nights ?

    What precautions must be taken while travelling in train during nights ? Today morning we came to know two gory rail accidents in Madhya Pradesh and both occurred during night journey when the passengers were in deep sleep. Normally trains are reaching us to the destination without problem, but some times due to natural calamities the bridges and rail routes are not maintained during nights and thus there is every risk of passengers life. What should be done to have a secured travel free from accident.
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    Thank you for starting this important thread.

    I think you are trying to address 2 different issues:

    - precautions while travelling in the night
    - precautions to avoid accidents or protect yourself in case of accidents

    The main concern while travelling in the train in the night is theft. I usually lock my baggage with a chain, which is the best way to protect your baggage. Regarding personal safety, I would advice to take care while going to the toilets in the night in the train, especially in the A/c compartments where toilet area is separated from the compartments with partition doors.

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    Thanks for responding. Though some spade work of security could be found in trains, but they are not armed with the ammunition. When robbers comes in groups, the Railway police is helpless.

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    Locking your luggage is one good idea. If you have important documents like passports, or original id proofs (which is required for online tickets) it best to keep them on your body / in your pockets.

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    Further, Today I saw in News that Indian Railways is planning to tie up with New India Assurance for providing Baggage insurance. The amount will be included in the ticket. But it is not clear whether the ticket rate will be increased on this account. Passenger may have to declare / opt for which items he would like to get the cover at the time of booking ticket. Also the claiming procedure etc is yet to be worked out.

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    Though it might not sound that impressive, but one thing which occurs to my mind regarding safety is, one should not think of their belongings, if the situation is beyond control.
    First of all, carry very less cash, the bare minimum amount, during traveling. Nowadays, credit, debit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Few changes will be enough for the train.
    Next, don't wear valuable jewels, in the train. Carry inconspicuous luggage, that doesn't attract attention.
    If the robbers are still in an attacking mode, give away few things which are visible. Let them take your baggage, save your life first, then things can be managed later on.
    Today in India, it is only yourself whom you can rely on for your safety.

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    The following precautions should be followed:

    1. Take necessary items as luggage. Don't too much.
    2. Don't take too much cash in hand.
    3. Take first-aid kit in hand.
    4. Lock your luggage properly.
    5. Keep watching your luggage.
    6. Take important phone numbers in a diary.
    7. Please don't keep your phone in a silent mode.
    8. Compulsory take torch.
    9. Don't chat with other unknown people and never eat anything given by them.
    10. Don't count your money in behalf of unknown people.

    Happy journey.

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    Thanks for aware us with that precautions because we have to know all the things regarding our journey does and don't.

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    Precautions to be taken while travelling in train in night is
    1. Proper luggage adjustments.
    2. Reach proper destinations.

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