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    Get paid to travel to your favourite tourist destination

    Are you a traveller? Wanted to visit some of the coolest destinations in India but couldn't plan a trip yet? How about an all inclusive, fully paid vacation to the place you always dreamed to visit?

    Here is a wonderful opportunity. offers fully paid vacation trips to some of the tourist destinations in India. From time to time, we contact the registered travellers and ask them to travel to vacation destinations in the country.

    What do you get?

    We will book the hotels and also book the train tickets for you. If it involves air travel, we will consider that as well but usually we don't offer travel by air since they are relatively expensive. We will pay your local travel expenses, food expenses and local admission tickets if any.

    What you need to give us back?

    The goal of this paid trip is to collect some data and photos for us while you enjoy your trip. If you simply like to sit and relax in a jungle resort, you may extend the trip at your own expense but when you are on the paid trip, we expect you to spend a good amount of time collecting information about the places and also taking photos and videos. At the end of the trip, you are expected to hand over all the details you collected, which may include documenting your travel from the beginning to the end.

    What is not covered?

    If you want to take a partner or friend with you, that's fine but all extra expenses will be your own. Children below 16 year are not allowed to participate in this program and also not allowed to accompany you when you are on a paid trip. We know how distracting they could be and it may not serve the purpose if the children are involved in the paid trips. We love the children though and will be happy to buy some chocolates for them if you have to leave your children at home or with some relatives!

    How to participate in this program?

    Just post a comment below showing your interest. Don't forget to mention your location and also if you are interested in travelling to any specific places. We will contact each one directly when there is an opportunity in your area. We are aggressively starting the paid trips very soon.
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    That was a wonderful opportunity, but feeling sad, as the terms and conditions aren't matching with my situation.
    Allowing children at our own responsibility would have been fine. We can leave a 16 yr old back at home or with relatives, but the irony is, only small kids need their parents more and we can't even imagine leaving them behind.
    But it is definitely a good opportunity for unmarried folks and adults with big kids.

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    I understand your concerns and I am in the same boat! I myself cannot avail this opportunity since leaving kids at home is not possible for me. Obviously, my wife wouldn't stay home when I am heading to a tourist destination:-)

    But there is a reason behind this policy. When you are on a fully sponsored trip, you have a lot of responsibilities to visit many places around, connect with hotels/resorts, take a lot of photos/videos etc. On a trip with kids, it may not be possible to fulfill all these responsibilities in an efficient manner.

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    Yes Sir, that might be true, but I think getting a good writer with such a combination of situations would be rare. Especially in India, where there is security issues everywhere, I have a doubt whether this policy will get a good click.

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    Tony Sir,
    I am really thrilled to see this post. I love to be a part of it, if I am allowed to do so. In fact me and my husband is planning trip to Delhi and Nainital in this December. Here I think since I am a member of ITB, if you allow me this chance, then I will be able to avail it. My husband and I will bear the expenses regarding him. Please sir consider my request. I love to travel. I have given an article here about my husband and my trip. In fact I am currently posting other articles for ITB. I really wish I could be a part of this program.

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    Mr Tony, I am interested to participate in this program. I am a retired banker and settled in Noida near Delhi. I am a widower having two sons who are settled in their jobs, so there are no hastles. I have been travelling frequently after my retirement and love it.

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    Hey, Tony. I'd love this combined opportunity to travel and write. Please count me in.

    I live in Surat, Gujarat and I don't have any place preferences. Send me anywhere and I'll make it worth it.

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    Hope to get good experience(reading) from members and like Tahi's experience in Panchgani or Mahabaleshwar.

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    I am also interested, though I have read this post only today. I am based in Mumbai and travel a lot. I can definitely contribute.

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    Hi Tony. Thanks for providing this opportunity. I am an avid traveller and passionate photographer. A few of my foreign trips/photos have been published by travel websites. I am based in Mumbai.

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