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    Best place to visit in Shirdi

    During me Shirdi trip, I am planning to visit few places of attraction in nearby villages/towns. Can anyone suggest me best place to visit in Shirdi?
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    Though I have not been all the places mentioned below. My Shirdi visits have been in a hurry and that is the reason I could not visit some of these places. Hopefully, the list will be helpful for those willing to visit Shirdi.

    1. Shani Shinganapur
    One of the rarest temples dedicated to Lord Shani is the unique feature of this village. It is believed that people here do not lock their homes as they believe no one will dare to steal anything here. The hamlet is located about 60- 70 kilometers from Shirdi. You might not get accommodation arrangements in Shani Shinganapur, it would be better to opt for a stay in Shirdi itself.

    2. Nasik
    Regarded as one of the Muktidhaams in Hindu scriptures, Nasik is around 80 kms from Shirdi. It has a great significance in Hindu mythology. The city has several temples covering almost whole pantheon of Hindu Gods.
    One of the best places to visit at Nasik is the Muktidham mandir.

    3. Ajanta =Ellora caves
    The world famous cave shrines are the major attraction in Ajanta and Ellora. The site has been notified as a Heritage site by the Archaeological Survey of India. There are 29 caves in Ajanta and 34 in Ellora. The Cave shrines date back to around 700 years.

    4. Alandi
    The place has attained importance because of Sant Dnaneshwar. The author of Dnaneshwari - treatise in Marathi on Mahabharat, attained Samadhi at Alandi. There are several other temples at this place as well.

    5. Coin Museum
    Located just under the Anjani Hills, the coin museum was established in 1980. It could be a well treasured place for information on Indian Numismatics history. The place has well documented record of history of coins in India.

    Well, there are many more places around Shirdi that could be of much interest for the religious minded. Shegaon, Triambakeshwar and Bhimashankar are some of them.

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    Apart from the ones stated above, there are several places within Shirdi which are of much interest . A few of them are -

    1. Dixit Wada Museum
    The museum is located within the Temple complex. All the belongings that Sai Baba had are preserved here. You can spend a few minutes of peace and harmony at the place.

    2. Wet and Joy water park
    This is an amusement park situated in Shirdi. It is located around one km from the Sai Baba Mandir. The charges per person are Rs. 700 for a full day of enjoyment.

    3. Sai Heritage Village
    The perfect place for a family get together. The charges are Rs. 125 per person. You get a toy train ride free with the ticket. There is also a small canteen within. You may enjoy the "World Famous" Wada Paav here.

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    Very informative. Thank you for sharing.

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