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    Why isn't our resources getting edited?

    It has been a long time since we have been contributing in ITB in its various sections. I have 5 resources awaiting approval for months together. But none of them are getting reviewed. Not only mine, I have seen even other articles sitting idle in the queue. Cash Payments too didn't take place since last September.
    What could be the matter? Is ITB losing out in its activity? Friends please respond with your opinions and I would also expect the respective editors and webmasters to throw some light on this issue.
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    As usual, you have come up another valid concern. It is true that we had left out a few resources while editing. They are all cleared now. All valid articles posted till today are approved.

    Please feel free to post more travel blogs. Let me know if you come across any issues or if you need any help from our side to submit your travel blogs.

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    Thank you so much Sir for your prompt response.

    There are a few more issues still awaiting to be resolved. Firstly, this particular travel place post of mine was changed, but the CC did not get updated till now.

    The following travel places which I have posted are still not reviewed.

    The last issue is that, there isn't any Payment announcement done till now after last September because of which it becomes a little bit difficult for the members to keep contributing on a regular basis, as they generally keep doing in ISC and TEC.

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