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    Are the travel agents twisting the railway ticket booking system in India?

    In the last few travels, whenever we tried to book train tickets for our destination, even before two weeks, the site is showing all waiting lists and regrets. So we had to book our tickets either by Tatkaal scheme or by taking the waiting listed and RAC ones. But when we finally boarded the train, it was surprisingly empty. The same experience is getting repeated every time we are travelling nowadays.

    What could be the reason behind? Is it possible that the travel agents are buying off all the tickets in advance and twisting the booking scenario of Indian Railways to increase their own business?

    Friends please share your opinion on this if you have experienced something similar. Also come up with whatever solutions you get in your mind about this ongoing hazards that a traveler has to deal with.
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    Well, they have always been doing that. The additional charges for booking your tickets through them apart, you are made to pay more amount "unofficially" to get the tickets booked during festive seasons.

    But, I do not think it is possible for them to buy out most tickets in advance. There is a quota system here too. Each travel agent gets certain quota when it comes to booking tickets. I guess it would be wise for us - the travellers - to book as many tickets as possible through the online channel.

    Almost everyone uses mobile phones these days. The major operating systems have official apps from Indian Railways and IRCTC which are much user friendly. Using them instead of going to booking agents will definitely bring the agents to task.

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