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    Why the Travel Queries are not categorized under the Main Category of Travel?

    When I tried to post a query regarding a travel issue, I found that the "Travel Query" category has been sub-categorized under the main Category of About But if we think about relevance, then it should have more ideally placed under the category of Travel itself.

    But the main category of "Travel" includes only the names of States, which is a little bit off the way. When a member has any issue regarding a travel plan, it wouldn't be necessarily regarding the particular state. On the contrary, the travel issues are generally regarding something that doesn't make much difference about the place but about some common factors. It can never be by any means related particularly to this site.

    So hope the Webmasters, Editors and other members share their opinion on this.
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    Hi Anwesha,

    Thanks for bringing this to the notice of ITB administration. I have asked Tony sir to respond to this thread.

    We'll see his response here soon.


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    As usual, you have come up another valuable suggestion. I have rearranged our travel forum categories. Hope they look fine to you now. If you have any further recommendations, please feel to share with us. Together, we can make this one of the best travel forums in India.

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    Thank you so much Sir. Even I share the same dream.

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    That was a quick response, Anwesha. Didn't realize you are online.

    We are looking forward to see your contribution to this travel community.

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