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    Tourist attraction around Ponda in Goa

    I am planning a trip to Goa and I was looking for tourist attractions around Ponda, Goa. I already have a list of popular temples. Just wanted to know any other tourist destinations in and around. Please suggest me some good ones.
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    Ponda being the centrally located area has a better accessibility from the surrounding areas. It does house a few good sites that can be a travel lovers' delight. Some of them are lesser known too.
    Here I go with a brief description of worth seeing tourist destinations around.

    1. Sahakari Spice Plantation
    Located just on the outskirts of the city, Sahakari Spice Plantation offers you a a good show of spices across India. You get an authentic Goan style vegetarian lunch as well as part of the package. There is an elephant ride as well to revel in. The fees are Rs.400 including lunch per person.

    2. Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa
    This again is located near Priol village in Ponda Taluka. Within a distance of around 10 km from the city of Ponda, It would be a better to visit in the morning. You may contact the owner on 08322985174 for more details. The lesser known spot has quite a few good reviews on TripAdvisor.

    3. Safa Masjid
    Located within the wlkable distance from the central bus station in Ponda, the mosque was built during the regime of Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah of Bijapur. The Safa Masjid has a 450 years of history attached to it. The mosque is constructed with local red stone. There have been renovations, yet much of the originality has been retained. The construction has a distinct southern style of architecture, besides it also resembles the style of Hindu temples.

    These are a couple of mostly unknown locations around Ponda. There are many more around. I plan to come up with an article on the topic soon. TripAdvisor has a listing of many such sites which may interest you.

    Welcome to Ponda and happy stay in my city!

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