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    Why my Destination posts are not getting edited?

    I have posted 4 Destination Places in ITB over a couple of months ago. They are not getting edited even after me placing a number of requests. I was waiting till now as I could understand that the site is undergoing a teething time. But as right now, ITB has picked up the momentum with a new efficient editor and a couple of new members, I hope it is time to get the backlog cleared.

    I am working on new places, but unless my earlier posts get approved, it is posing for me a motivational problem and a writer's block. I request once more to the webmasters and the editors to look into the matter and help me start my work, so that the contribution from other members too continues in a smooth flow.
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    Hi Anwesha,

    I forwarded your query to the concerned person. All the pending editing work will be cleared off soon.

    Thank you for your patience and understand.


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    Hello Anwesha,

    All your submitted destinations and resources are edited and published. ITB value your contributions. Share your travel experience and motivate others to do the same.

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    Hi Jishnu,
    Yes I got the alerts in my dashboard. But the points and CC of the posts have not been added yet to my earnings. It would be really nice, if that gets added.

    Moreover, I didn't get any email alert of these posts being approved. I had a discussion with Tony Sir, that these things are yet to be done and would take place within a couple of days. So, as of now, there's no such issues except for the waiting for the changes to take place.

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    Hi Anwesha,

    Thanks for notifying the issue. It is fixed now. Your dashboard will be up to date from now onwards

    As Tony sir informed you, the email alert feature will be done in a couple of days.

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    Thanks Jishnu for setting things right. It really feels comfortable now.

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