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    Share Your Dream Travel Destination & Win attractive prizes [CONTEST]

    Hello ITB members,

    We are launching a new contest here for all the travel bluffs out there. You can get a chance to win an attractive cash prize.

    You will have to share with us your dream travel destination. You also need to mention why it's your preferred choice. What do you like in it? Share your thoughts.


    1. Any person who is a registered member of can participate in this contest.

    2. You need to post your entry as a response to this thread ONLY. Please don't create a separate


    3. Each member is allowed to post a single entry to this contest.

    4. Make sure your entry is minimum 50 words long.No maximum word limit.

    5. Do not violate any of our posting guidelines.

    6. ITB management's decision will be final & binding to all.

    The 1st best response will get Rs.100 cash credits.
    The 2nd best response will get Rs.75 cash credits.
    The 3rd best response will get Rs.50 cash credits

    All the entries will be rewarded with regular cash credits depending on the quality of the response.

    The winner will be chosen by an expert judge. Judge's decision will be final & binding to all.

    So what are you waiting for? Hurry up & start contributing.

    Update: The contest has been closed now. Results will be announced soon in the forum section. More contests will be launched soon.

    Winners of this contest are announced here
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    Just one question. Do we have to write about single destination? I mean I have multiple destinations in mind. If that's alright to write about them in the article.

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    Gulmarg Kashmir My Dream Destination

    When asked for my dream destination Gulmarg, Kashmir is the first name comes in my mind, this place is so beautiful and calm that one can easily fall in love with it. Though you can visit Gulmarg in any season but the winter season is best to enjoy its serene beauty. Gulmarg lies in a cup shaped valley at an altitude of 2,650 m (8,694 ft), 56 km from Srinagar which make it ideal location for winter sports and enjoy snowfall.

    One can enjoy highest Gondola ride here which is an amazing experience itself but the adventure does not stop here Skiing at Gulmarg is the famous winter sport here. It is well suited for learning skiing for beginners and intermediate skiers because some of its best slopes and training institutes. One can also visit Gulmarg to watch the skiing or to enjoy snowfall only. Riding a sledge, Toboggan, Snowboarding, Making a snowman and holding campfires are some other popular activities to enjoy in Gulmarg.

    Its serene beauty and being a winter sports lover make Gulmarg my dream destination. Now I have to plan to visit my dream Destination just waiting for winters to come.

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    How Shimla become my dream destination
    I was just 14 or 15 when I saw the beautiful pictures of Shimla in a travel magazine. Only one or two of my classmates had been there in Shimla for tourism purpose. I was simply astonished to see the beauty of the nature and I decided to visit Shimla at least once in my life. From that day onward Shimla became my dream destination, as I grew I gathered a lot of information about the wonderful place in India. As I got the more information, I got more and more attracted towards the place. Away from noisy and polluted city life, Shimla is located at the height of 7,238 ft from the sea level in North West Himalayas.

    Going to enjoy my first snow fall!
    This amazing place is surrounded with trees like Deodar, pine, oak and rhododendron forests. This is the reason people call it as "Queen of Hills'. I wish I can be there during the winter season, when there is a snowfall and people from all over India visit there to enjoy the freezing weather. It will be my first snow fall in my life and I wish to enjoy at my dream location at Shimla. The snow covered hill tops and tea tops, snow covered roads and roofs with the pleasant weather and hot cup of tea is the best dream I can think about.

    Dream on sight seeing
    I have planned to visit many attractive places like Jakhu hill, the home of incalculable monkeys, kufri, to enjoy the skiing, museum and many more. Reaching Shimla in 'Toy Train' through 105 tunnels will be a fascinating experience for me. Now I am very much occupied with my daily routine and responsibilities but whenever I get time, I refresh my mind by seeing the videos on you tube about spectacular beauty of Shimla.

    Waiting for my dream to come true
    Years passed away but the beauty of the place has never fed off. God nature has blessed the place with pleasurable atmosphere and beauty. I wish I could go to my dream place, the Queen of Hills, as early as possible during the chilled winter to enjoy the snowfall and the chill freezing temperature.

    Waiting for my dream to come true, soon I am going to share my Shimla travel experience with your all.

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    My dream travel destination is Mars.

    How the dream has come to me:

    In my teen age along with studies of science being enthusiastic in astronomy and also interested to read many science fiction novels of my favourite author Sujatha, and that time I have heard and watched news in Radio and Television about Skylab satellite earth station, the first manned station of NASA which has met disaster while re-entry to earth during 1979. This uncontrolled re-entry was a media sensation and there were many prizes offered by many newspapers for the first debris to be found and persons impacted by debris. Also news always told about Indian Ocean and we being in Tamil Nadu with anxiety waited for the debris but heard the news that it fell in Australia and still there are debris decorating the museum in western Australia.

    From that period onwards, I used to chat with my friends, if somebody offered human testing instead of animals, I might be the first person to offer. But till the Mars Mission and human settlement words coined, humans in space mission are only with astronauts. But with the launch of private satellite in 2018 which offers human settlement in Mars for those who have a dream. Of course, it needs huge finance.

    The first crew expected is in 2025 and afterwards every two year. In between 2018 to 2022 the Mars One Private satellite establish habitable sustainable outpost. The team also said that it takes lessons from Skylab, Mir and International space station.

    I am eagerly waiting for my dream to come if not in the first launch itself that starting in 2018 and landing in 2025 but after every two years.

    But sad point in this is, in no way I can share the experience in real in this site as Mars settlement is permanent or my dream may not be fulfilled and in either way, real time experience cannot be shared.

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    Members are posting their articles directly to this thread as a response. Was that meant in the instructions? As in TEC, we create a link to our contest articles and post that in the Contest Announcement thread, I was wondering whether that is the same rule here. Please clarify.

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    @ Mahesh @ Anwesha,
    Actually its optional. Participants can write their entry directly as a response to this thread or write an article in the resource section on the same subject and mention the link here as an entry to the contest.

    I hope it clarifies your doubt.

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    Thanks Shravan. Its fine.

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    @SK and Anwesha
    Instruction no 2 is clearly mentioned that it should post it as a reponse only. But now you say you can create separate article and post.

    Both are contrary to each other and so please clarify .

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    The instruction no. 2 says:
    "You need to post your entry as a response to this thread ONLY. Please don't create a separate thread."

    This is written to make the new members get accustomed to the rule of this site, so that they don't click on Start a thread and keep posting their articles there individually .
    What is meant as response is, posting your article entry either directly in this thread or providing a link of your article that you post in the Article Section.

    Posting your article directly here makes it difficult to search and read by scrolling down the entire page, and as the number of articles will increase the data of the page, it will take more time to get loaded and would not respond properly. It would be difficult for the editors, the authors and the visitors to go through them. Rather a link of your article will make it distinctively clear and easily accessible.
    That was the idea.
    Feel free to discuss if you have any more doubts.

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    I have already posted my dream destination as a travel blog in the link-- Here is a shorter version of it.
    Antarctica, my Dream Destination

    My dream destination is Antarctica. This place has caught my imagination right from childhood, when I used to watch different travel related channels. I saw pictures and videos of Antarctica there. Ever since I have watched those programs, I developed a penchant to visit this place and behold its enamoring beauty.

    The reason I would love to visit this place is that I love snow clad territories. Also I love peaceful and lonesome places like Antarctica where you don't find many residents and not to mention tourists.I can enjoy the quiet beauty of snow clad mother nature in Antarctica. Antarctica is filled with natural beauty, from snow capped valleys, glaciers, on and off blizzards, snow capped lakes, snow deserts, to even volcanoes.

    You name a rare natural beauty, Antarctica has it. But it surely has weather hazards like avalanches, volcanic eruptions and blizzards. Nevertheless tourists visit Antarctica. They even bathe in the waters of the lake near the volcanoes. This is merely because that water is hotter than the surrounding environment.

    So naturally, I would be ecstatic if I ever hop on this opportunity. I would take my camera to capture every bit of the raw natural beauty of Antarctica. I have heard that Antarctica witnesses lot of blizzards. It would be adventurous if I get to witness one when I stay there. So far I have only read about glaciers in my geography book. If I get a chance to go to Antarctica, I can see them for myself. I can enjoy the fierce and myriad beauty of glaciers breaking and submerging into the chilled waters of this continent.

    I would also play with the penguins and seals. I would feed them with fishes and would definitely try skating on the ice where penguins huddle together. I would like to try and visit the volcanoes of Antarctica and bathe in the lakes nearby. I don't know how much of it would really come true, when I visit the place. But I really hope that I don't get afraid of the freezing temperatures of Antarctica and am able to live those moments just as I described Antarctica. Lastly, I would like to request ITB that if I ever get a chance to visit my dream destination Antarctica, then I would like to be the first official blogger of ITB regarding this.

  • #2534

    I hope instruction no 2 holds good for this site as articles of this site are of travelogues and one should share with the photographs of their journey related to article and hence imagination dream destination may best suited only as a response and not as an article.

    So shravan may also clarify about this and I hope while posting he was clear and while answering he has quoted additional point as article also.

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    I have traveled around India a lot now. My passion for traveling around started in 2014 and today as I write this article also realized that I have covered most parts of India. My dream place to visit would be Singapore. I am a professional trainer and sometime back I was looking for the best course to leverage my career. Then I found a 5 day program offered in Singapore. I really was driven deeply for two reasons. The first one is travel has become an integral part of my life journey. I have always been a solo traveler keen on learning the culture, heritage, trying new cuisines and explore the beauties of world. My search for meaning in life is answered at various places during my travel. Singapore is a small country with enormous diversity. Highly disciplined, historic, compact country. There are monasteries, world's best theme parks, wildlife, beaches and what not. It is a perfect blend of materialism and spiritualism. It is one of my deepest passion to be in a foreign land for the bliss of being in a new land. Moreover, I wanted to go there because there is a career prospect by enhancing my skills. I hope to go there by November. Financially tightened, personal constraints and many whales to face before I go there. But I know I will go there. Singapore, here I come. Till then be my dream...

  • #2544

    Exploring the Unexplored : My Destination, My Dream

    When we talk about dream, we mean perfection. And if it is all about a dream travel destination, then it has to be something unique, perfect and exclusive. My dream travel destination is exploring the unexplored spots of the world that hold all the beauty of nature. The reason being, a dream has to be pure, and nothing can be more pure than nature, till its sanctity is preserved and not been invaded.

    My dream starts with exploring all those nook and corners of the world, which are yet to be explored. It has to be a place, which has been either missed out, not become a crowded spot and not a place of business interest. It has to be still a virgin one without much human interference. But yes, the dream fills up with colours and takes a complete shape, if there is a range of mountain, with lush green tree cover, a number of wild streams and waterfalls inviting you yet inside the mystery of the place, the wild habitats peeping out to see who is the stranger out there, but without a fear.

    To talk about the stay, food and accommodation – those are to be adjusted with the bare minimum stuff. For staying, a tent would be ideal, which can be placed anywhere that feels convenient. The food has to be carried along without making much fuss about it. And all other conveniences are to be forgotten for a while, as dreams cannot be too practically constructed.

    Be it in a an untrodden path within a hilly winding road, a casarina patch beside a seashore, an unknown island or a part of a jungle where the mud has not yet been marked by the wheels of vehicles; the place should be somewhere deep inside the nature's lap. The birds, the flowers, the shades and fragrance of the green, the silence, the peace and the fresh air, all make the picture perfect, the picture where I want to reach, where I want to stay for a while and take a deep breath; that is my Journey to the Destination that keeps coming in my Dream!

  • #2546

    Scotland - my dream destination

    I found out about Scotland when I read Harry Potter. I was eleven years old at the time. I had no idea where Scotland was or how far it was from India but I must have done my research well because by the time I completed the first book and started the second, I had learnt about the UK (a place that's decidedly not the USA), London (the capital, not the name of the country), Scotland (up north somewhere) and even the distance from Sherwood Forest to Scotland (I like to believe that my eleven year old self was excited by the idea of a crossover between Harry Potter and Robin Hood). So, as you can guess, my initial introduction to Scotland was a fictional Hogwarts castle and a border drawn on the world map. I didn't know much then nor did I care. Hogwarts was enough of an attraction for me to add Scotland to my travel bucket list. For years, I was content with not knowing anything about Scotland except that it was a real place and that I had a desire to go there someday. That desire strengthened when I joined a travel agency after college and became a travel consultant. I learnt about the popular tourist destinations, studied the world map until it was etched in my brain and made product presentations that made my suppressed wanderlust ache with longing. During that time, I learnt quite a lot about Scotland and the place slowly but steadily climbed up my dream destinations list.

    What's so special about Scotland?

    Every place has its charm. Scotland is special to me because, after Dubai, that was probably the first place I learned about. I found out about the various castles there – Edinburg Castle, Stirling Castle, Urquhart Castle – and I learned about Stonehenge, a monument that captured my attention and mystified me so much that I painted it, and when I saw the photographs of Loch Ness and Cairngorms among other places, I was a lost case. Scotland had officially made the top of my list. Even after leaving the tourism industry and deciding to fully concentrate on my writing (where there's no need for me to Google places and learn about their visa process) I still find time to check out the sights of Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow; have internal debates about the existence of the Loch Ness monster; and wonder what it would take to convince my dad to sell the house and book a trip to Scotland.

    A lot of people compare Scotland to New Zealand and Canada because of the breathtaking scenic beauty but Scotland has so much more to offer – greater cities, rich history and an accent to die for among other things. That's why I love the place so much. What writer wouldn't be interested in some fascinating history to go with the magnificent landscapes? And really, who in their right minds wouldn't want to go to a place like Scotland?

    Scotland is all the rage among the people who know what the place is about and I, as its most avid fan, cannot wait to explore every inch of this country.

    Stonehenge painting by Tahi

    Since there's no option to attach an image file here like on ISC, I uploaded and then put it here. I hope that's okay.

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    Kailash Manasarovar, my dream travel destination to be fulfilled

    The journey to Kailash Manasarovar though sounds to be spiritual/soul-churning I have thought as a trip of exploratory and thrilling and thus my dream travel destination.

    Couple of years ago I was surfing the web to gather information for a trip to Singapore and Malaysia. While searching I happened to see the scenic beauty of the mirror-like image of snowcapped peaks in the crystal clear lake that was just amazing. Yes! It was a fabulous visual retreat of the snowy Mount Kailash embellished in the water of the Lake Manasarovar. I was stunned with the lovely, divine, natural delight captured superbly in the webpage. Hats off to the internet, I must say. As I had seen the picture I would love to visit that place as my dream travel destination.

    Revered as a holy place by the Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Tibetans Mount Kailash is one of the highest peaks in the Himalayan Mountains. Situated at the height of 21778 ft in the south-west of Tibet, it has been a source for many lengthy rivers in Asia. This wondrous peak surrounded with green landscape seems like a pearl beautified with precious emerald crown as such. This is regarded as a place of pilgrimage to which thousands of people from various countries throng during the springs in a lifetime. Spiritual enthusiasts visit this place by walk since they believe that it would bring in good luck/mental strength. Journey of this sacred walk involves a distance of 32miles/ 52kms with trekking at the altitudes up to the height of 19,000 feet approximately through rocky lands and utmost cold. This adventurous walk will take 3 days to be completed in general. Hence I presume that this is a trip of thrilling nature too. Lake Manasarovar named in Sanskrit as Lake Manas Sarovar, is situated at the southern foot of Mt.Kailash . This emerald-colored Lake being the highest fresh water lake of the world stretches about 120 sq.mi area totally.

    To adore this physical beauty let me see the trip plans mostly offered by the travel companies. They offer Kailash Manasarovar tour by luxury air-conditioned bus, land cruiser/jeep, (both known as overland trip) with starting points at Kathmandu and India, , via Lhasa in Tibet with starting points at Kathmandu and India and by helicopter from Kathmandu and Nepalganj as well.

    Decades back with little transport facilities a visit to this divine place had been tough and would be a dream for travel folks. Now it has become easier and faster with more convenient modes of transportation, the dream turns to be a reality and I wish my dream travel destination of this mesmerizing Mount and Lake to be fulfilled in the near future.

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    Travelling to various destinations has always been my dream, but if I had to choose one it would certainly be Himalayan Mountains. Lush green meadows, snow-clad mountains, chirping birds, roaring of powerful streams and whistling of winds take me to a zone of tranquillity. As the night falls, lie down under the sheet of billions of stars and gaze the Milky Way that looks profoundly alluring. Kinnaur Valley has such picturesque landscapes and enthralling scenery to capture your soul deep within. The turquoise lake shares great panoramic views with the pine trees; one gets perplexed by such serene spectacle.

  • #2674
    Alleppey houseboats create a unique relaxing experience in your Kerala tour packages. The main aim of Alleppey Houseboat tour is to create great memories, magic, tradition, romance, blessing of an intimate and enjoy the precious moment together. If you wish to enjoy a beautiful day in Kerala, Alleppey houseboats are the better option.

  • #2724

    Dream Destination - New Zealand

    My dream of going New Zealand has stayed with me for more than 5 years. And I'm still counting on it. Why New Zealand? There are a tons of reasons. From city-life to outdoor activities, New Zealand offers you everything. I was mesmerized when I started reading out blogs of other people of this country. It took me a while to figure out why this place is so unique? But when I use to google for pictures and videos, I was stunned by its beauty.
    Whenever I see ads of New Zealand Tourism on TV or else where, I get goosebumps. Because there are so many things to try out if you're in that country. Ranging from canoe or kayaking in Mildford Sound to Bungy Jump in North Island, river rafting at Whanganui River and so on.
    From the fast urban-city life of Wellington, Auckland, Waiheke to the nature activities of national parks offers you some of the best memories.
    I had done enough research of travel for this country and I hope that someday I get the opportunity to go and vlog a video by myself. I am a passionate traveller and I hope that this dream would definitely come true.

  • #2731
    My dream travel destination is dharamshala and i have done lot of activities in dharamshala. me and my friends are go for hiking in dharamshala and i have see baghsu water fall and temples, stadium, church my hotel stay and food, cab for me arrange by vistara Tours. we have done gaming in hotel. and walk in the roads of himachal, such a lovely place for me, i have take the Holiday package with vistara tours. Thanks vistara tours for make my trip wonderful.

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    My Dream Destination is Palampur. I have done a lot of activities in Palampur. There is a very big Hotel "Norwood Green" its very fabulous hotel. I spent one night and two days here. Norwood Green provides you with exquisite boutique villas, amidst the serenity of the Himalayan ranges and sprawling tea gardens. Norwood Green's charming aristocratic architecture will transport you to a different era while providing you with every modern amenity you need.
    I have done many activities here :-

    Things to do in Palampur?

    Explore the colonial architecture, tea gardens and pine forests
    Day touring at Bir, Billing, Asia's best site, for Paragliding
    Trout fishing (only for specific season)
    Long walks and treks through the forests
    Visits to Andretta Pottery & Sobha Singh Art Gallery
    Trips to popular monasteries & temples
    Watching migratory birds at Pong Dam
    Exploring the beauty of Dharamsala
    Bicycling tours all around the valley
    Drives through the rough mountain terrain
    Scenic rides on the local train
    Practice Yogasanas, Pranayama, Sat Kriyas ( body purification techniques)
    Enjoy tea tasting during tea garden & tea factory visits.
    Experience peace and tranquility at famous monasteries & temples.
    Spend quality time with loved ones on picnics by the river and in the jungles.
    Explore the historic Kangra Fort.

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