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    Which mode of transport do you prefer while travelling long distances-Bus, Rail or Air ?

    Hi Guys,

    When we are travelling to a new destination, we typically have 3 modes of transport-Bus, Rail or Air.

    Which one do you prefer and why? Let's have a discussion here.
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    Well, I always prefer the travel by train. It has always been the favourite and widely used mode of transport for almost all strata of the society. From the migrant labour class to the super rich, all sorts of people travel by train.
    The mode also provides you a comfortable feel of travelling. Be it with problems like lunch or breakfast, or other basic needs like toilet - you are definitely get a better deal than on the bus travel. Apart from that, it is economical as well.
    The best part that attracts me to train travel is the opportunity to witness different strata of Indian culture in one go. That is more of a rewarding experience for a real travel fan if he indulges on a longer trip.

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    I share the same opinion with Timmappa in this regard. Train has always been the most favourite mode of transport for me. The journey in the train itself becomes the most thrilling part of the travel, as it keeps moving through the different land forms and scenario of the country. Apart from that, the rhythmic jerks and the speed make me feel the way, which we can't experience in any other mode of journey.
    But nowadays, things are often getting difficult when we see, people are not respecting the reservations and are trying to occupy your places whenever they get a chance.
    That continual struggle for occupancy has become an irritating factor. Besides the bad habits of the co passengers who don't bother spitting and littering around every now and then curbs down the excitement and thrill a lot.
    Air as a transport though comparatively comfortable, doesn't really make you feel nice at the end when they cut a big hole in the pocket and you have to sit uncomfortably all through the journey and have nothing to enjoy unless you get a window seat.
    Bus journeys are okay for moderate distances but is no way near to comfort in comparison to the train. Sleeping and sitting both are uncomfortable and it isn't worth the money we have to spend nowadays.

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    Well, I must agree to what Anwesha has stated in her response. Train travel - especially in the Northern region of India has become quite unsafe and less comfortable. But, nevertheless, the train travel tends to be better than bus journey.
    What makes the train travel more comfortable is the fact that you get enough sleep during the overnight journey. The feel would be much home like.
    If you travel by road, and that too driving your own vehicle - the time you take to drive is completely wasted time because you cannot do anything except driving.
    and as far as air travel is concerned, you have multiple benefits in train travel compared to the air travel. Your mobile phone will keep working throughout the journey. You can handle your your luggage yourself and there would not be any need to indulge with the airport staff.

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    Train journey is my personal favourite. I can enjoy the nature outside the train, notice the change of colour of the soil, observe the change of dress and food. Moreover, I can interact with different people inside the train. I like to listen to different tones of hawkers and enjoy (like a child) different products sold by them. I don't get this opportunity when I travel by air. Moreover, bus journey is not very comfortable for me.

    I like train journey in India just like Paul Theroux.

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