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    Which is the better option to book a hotel, online travel sites or tourist agents in person?

    Now we get to see a number of online travel sites like Tripadvisor, Makemytrip, Cleartrip, etc., where we can look into any type of information much ahead and they also offer a discount for the tourists. There are various tour packages available round the year and they claim that you get to know everything beforehand including the hotel rooms.

    On the other hand, the travel agents are quite prominently existing even after the online sites have been introduced in the market. They too offer a good package deal and claim your trip to be comfortable enough.
    In our case, we haven't gone through either of them as far as a travel planning was concerned. In the sense, we never went through any tour package or availed anything synonymous till date. I've heard that in both the cases, there are examples of both good and bad ones. Online sites put up photographs which in most cases one don't get to avail, and is generally offered some alternative. And the agents do put up decent people in the indecent type of hotels and give you a lot of trouble if you complain.
    So friends please share your views and experience regarding this issue to help out travelers who are planning to choose from these two options.
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    In my opinion, booking through a online agency would be better if you want to save money and enjoy the trip - leaving all the arrangements to the online agents. They tend to have clearly mentioned agreements with the hotels.
    However, there are several cases where these online sites will have package deals only with the established and high end chain of hotels. On the other hand, the local travel agents have contacts with the smaller ones. So, if you are concerned about the budget, it may be a good option to opt for the local agents.
    Another plus point with the offline agents is you can contact them face to face in cases of any emergency. That would not be possible with an online travel site. They have their own procedure to follow up which may take hours together.
    Ultimately, it should boil down to properly analysing the particular site or agent in connection with the particular trip. Going by the reviews if available would be a better tactic to deal with such a scenario.

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