Please help us with itinerary

Hello everyone,

Please help me with my itinerary by considering the following points.

We are two male friends(age 21) from Hyderabad

Our Budget is 15,000 each/-(total of 30,000).

We never been to north India. But now we are planning to go for Mata Vaishno Devi darshan. But after darshan, we are excited to go some wonderful places in north India in our budget zone. After looking at all these forums, we are thinking about Katra - Dharamshala - Mcleodganj(Triund trek) - Delhi(for sight-seeing ). We selected these places because these are the common places which are listed as budget and best places by some good amount of websites.

We are planning to start on June 6th around, but no time constraint....I mean to say that we can finish our tour whenever we want, since we are on break period from college.

We have to start from Hyderabad. Hyderabad to Delhi (train fare 1000 each), Delhi to Katra (Bus fare 1000 each), expenses in Katra assuming as 2000 each for food, room and all. So basically by the time we finish Mata darshan we will spend 4000 in total for each.

So 15,000(Actual total budget) - 4,000(total budget by the end of Mata darshan) = 11,000 each (22,000 in total) would be the amount left with us from Katra. Here we have to take 1000 each(2000) for our return train fare from Delhi to Hyderabad.

So we would have 20000 in total for both of us to spend between Katra to Delhi. Can anyone please help us, by planning our itinerary in our budget by considering all the above points.

Sorry for a long question, as I mentioned before, we never been to North India before, So I want to ask the question in detail so that people can help us in a better way. If you feel our budget is tight, you can cut down the places