Camping Tips To Travel In Tadoba Tiger Resort

Camping Tips To Travel In Tadoba Tiger Resort

When you want to be close with the wildlife and nature, you must try camping in the woods. The mountains blooming wild flowers and the national parks with rare species can be some of your best camping spots. Let us discuss some tips which can be helpful if you are a beginner in camping activities.
When You Pack :

Lightweight Tent: Make sure that you are carrying a lightweight tent if you are going to hike long distances. When you are travelling with groups, you can easily split the costs with your partner and let him share your tent.

Sleeping Bag: If you are travelling during winter , make sure you pack your sleeping bags with you. Though your luggage can become a bit heavy, but it can surely keep you cozy and warm from the harsh winter in the woods.

Single Stove Burner: When you want several cups of tea and breakfast to be prepared by your own choice, you can surely carry a single stove burner.
Within The Tent :

Dry Bags: After a whole day spotting wildlife, you need rest in your tent. The dry bags will keep you out of moisture within the tent. Keep your money as well as phone in the bags also to keep them dry.

Sleeping Pillow: You can use inflatable pillow for sleeping comfortably. These pillows are generally of light weight and small in size and therefore easy for carrying. You can get a bit of luxury within the woods with the help of the pillows.
For The Day :

Rucksacks: When you are going for a wildlife travel , buying rucksacks must be your essential decision. Select the one, which is the most comfortable for you during your wildlife travel. If you are going for a long expedition in the woods, go for the larger ones.

Pole For Walk : If you are opting for the nature walk activity, you must use the right pole for walking. The poles should not only be light weight in nature, but they must be strong enough so that you can hold on to them while walking in the woods.

Water Bottles: Drinking water is very necessary when you are trekking for long distances. You can carry a 2 liter or a 3 liter bottle that comes with straps and clips. You are not required to look for spaces in your rucksack to fit in the bottle. You can simply strap it outside in a secure manner. Never forget to pop in some water purification tablets if you refill the water from a river or a

During Evening/Morning:
During the sunrise and the sunset , the forests with mountains can provide the best landscape. You must make the most of it during these times. But try to pack some of the essentials required during this time.

Travel Mug : If you want to enjoy a nice cup of tea whilst watching the sunrise, don't forget to carry your travel mug. The tea, coffee or other beverages can also be kept warm with the flash technology of your mug.

Portable Charger: Think of the situation , when you want your camera to shoot a flying bird just during the sunrise and there is no power in your camera !! Portable chargers can become very essential if you want to avoid these unexpected situations.
Besides camping, you can also enjoy your wildlife adventure by staying in resorts within the national parks. The forest resorts can arrange day visits, bird watching, wildlife safari and nature walk activities if you want to feel the nature very closely.

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