Thar Desert in Rajasthan Monsoon by Savi Travels

Thar Desert in Rajasthan, stretching from Jaisalmer to Bikaner, is one of the biggest deserts in India with temperatures rising up to 50 degree Celsius in summers; you seldom see any life here. Though life persists even in summer but traces of the life can't be sought easily. The land gives a dirt brown look with plants seeming to be dead or at least the feel of their extinction with no hope for their revival. The sand storms appear as rising heap of Dust Mountains that can swallow you in minutes. Temperature gives the burning sensation and you feel the energy inside you being depleted at a pacer faster than your breath. In summers, you feel the life is going to extinct at this place.

As soon as the first drop of monsoon land the desert, the burning temperature start falling down giving a kick start to the cycle of life. The Desert becomes lively and you can see life sprawling at all corners of the land. Myriad insects suddenly come out of nowhere in quantities difficult to count. You can easily see frogs leaping for their prey. The desert is teeming with life. Plants and grass popping out on the so called baron land and you can see now greenery everywhere. The plants, which were once thought to be dead, turn out alive.

The river streams which were dry till now start flowing, the lakes and various storage space gets filled up. Farmers take a breath of life and sow their seeds to harness food for winters. Green patches of land give them the energy to survive the hot summers and the hope for life starts blooming again.

All this greenery and lively place of the desert can be felt only in the months of monsoon viz., July and August. Come and experience the desert during this monsoon, green and full of life. Experience the desert in Monsoon – THAR DESERT IN MONSOON.

To bring the God's Act of reviving life and hopes of people, we have decided to bring our Camps early this year. We are now opening our camps on 11th August 2016. Come and experience the desert with Savi camps coming season. Take the benefits of two long weekends to plan your holiday 13- 15 and 25 – 28 August of 2016. We promise you that you will carry a life time experience with you.