Indian Railway PNR Status An Online Prerogative for All Railway Passengers

Indian Railway is one of the leading industries predominant in India that has been availed by every person at least once in their lives. People have to rely on the railway industry to travel anywhere within the country as rail lines have been established along the entire Indian terrain as against the Aviation Industry services. The innermost regions are not served by air and not all routes are signaled efficiently through radio communications. So, wherever we need to go, journeying in train remains an inevitable part of our lives. Indian Railway PNR status acquires an exclusive stand where knowledge about one's train accommodation is concerned.

However, making it to the desired berth and seat is equivalent to a long strenuous struggle. Sometimes we have to wait for our turns over long periods and often travel without a confirmed place in the train. This happens as fallout of the tremendous demands over train seats and out of proportion advanced reservations. The consequences might acquire monstrous proportions if a person is travelling to straighten out his career profile or to make his dream come true through possession of academic diplomas and assets. Prioritization of the interview calls, in that case, depends largely over the affirmation of the seats. Indian Railway PNR status indicates the current scenario with respect to the train booking status that clearly depicts if the person's ticket is RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) or in waiting (Waiting List).

Reservation against cancellation corresponds to the bookings cancelled and seats confirmed in order of booking. Confirmation of seats is based completely on the last minute cancellations and number of passengers to come in the queue. RAC passengers are allowed half seats wherein they cannot take sleeper berth or have to share their seats with other RAC ticket holders. Their seat accommodation is promoted to a full on sleeper class on grounds of seat availability after cancellation and position in the RAC list. PNR Status shows if the seat of the prospective traveler has been promoted to a better condition or liable to change in the future. This creates certain awareness and allows the passengers to take mental preparation too.

Waiting list, on the other hand, validates one's train accommodation but his seat is not guaranteed. In all probability, he has to travel without a lawful and authorized ticket and wait for RAC ticket holders to withdraw or confirmed passengers to cancel. The number of prospective passengers in the waiting list is decided by the officials handling the ticket issuing system. A status displaying "Regret" clearly states the fact that the passenger has been denied a ticket on that particular date of journey. In such a case, he has to reschedule his program. There are two numbers in the 10 digit Indian Railway PNR status, one portraying the 'booking status' and the second portraying the 'current status'. Booking status refers to the initial position at the time of booking and current status refers to the existing (updated) position post cancellation. This listing of status makes easy for an individual to check the confirmation of his seat.