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    Homestay in Kodaikanal - Villa Retreat

    Villa Retreat always feels good to stay at a homestay accommodation at places you travel to, because you get to feel at home and move with people who are not purely commercial. Options for Homestay in kodaikanal is not that popular yet. But surprisingly there is this resort, Villa Retreat which feels like a huge home stay. This place is actually a 100+ year old house where families have lived for generations.
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    Thank you for publishing details of Villa Retreat. Can you please share more details of your property? We will be happy to share information about your home stay in Kodaikanal. In fact, I just came back from a trip to Kodai and I was looking for a good homestay there.

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    Aceh is a province located in the Westernmost of the Indonesia region bordered with Malacca strait in the north which is the strategic marine transportation location in the world. In the history of the word trade. Aceh has known as the spice producer area, so that invited the attention of province of Aceh also inherite various historical sites such as "The Kingdom of Samudra Pasai in XIII Century", art and culture that can be visited until today.

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    thanks for sharing this information about villa retreat.
    I have done a bit more research on homestays in various destinations and there is a website which only deals in holiday rentals and they have many options there.

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    Very helpful information since we are planning our first Kodai-trip. Are there any packages or discounts for families ? Please provide more information.

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