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Are you looking for travel websites that accept travel guest posts? If you are looking for a high-quality travel website to submit your travel guest posts, you are in the right place. We do accept a limited number of guest articles every month.

If you are looking for travel websites to submit guest posts to promote your own personal travel blog or a commercial travel website, you are in the right place. accepts travel related guest articles, written exclusively for us. We are open to publishing personal travel blogs free of cost. However, in the case of promoting commercial websites and business through guest articles, we do charge a fee. Alternatively, we can discuss other options like mutual promotions.

If you are looking for high-quality travel websites in India to submit guest articles related to travel, tourism, hospitality business etc, read further. We do accept guest posts, provided they meet our strict quality guidelines.

NOTE: If you are submitting a guest article with us, make sure you do not violate the link policies mentioned in the Link Schemes section of Google guidelines.

Guest Article Submission: Options

1. Paid guest articles: You can submit a promotional guest article by paying an advertising fee. Your article may directly or indirectly promote your travel/hospitality business and can have one or two links to your website, provided they are not involved in spammy link schemes.

2. Article Exchange: We will be happy to publish your travel related article free of cost on our website, provided you can publish one of our travel related articles on your website that promotes our travel business, which is equally qualified in terms of content quality, ranking and traffic. The article you give to us must be minimum 1,000 words.

3. Articles without commercial goals: Do you like to publish a non-commercial article here? We will be happy to promote such articles. We may or may not allow links to external websites in such articles, purely based on the discretion of our editors.

Please contact us to discuss guest posting opportunities with us. When you write to us, please include the topic of your article, details of websites/businesses you are mentioning in the article etc.

We accept guest posts related to travel from fellow bloggers and hospitality business promoters. If you can provide high-quality articles on travel & tourism related subjects with a minimum length of 1,000 words, read further!

Guest Article Topics

We accept guest articles on topics related to travel, tourism and all types of hospitality business.

Some sample topics:

  • About a tourist destination you visited
  • Your travel experience to a particular destination or a route
  • Your review of a particular hotel or resort you stayed
  • Your experience with a particular hospitality business or service
  • Top 10 list of places/business/service in any travel related business/service
  • Travel tips any destination or countries

  • Article must be related to travel and well presented

    Your travel article should be unique and written exclusively for India Travel Blog. The article you publish here should not be published anywhere else.

    We prefer long articles with rich content and images. Every article submitted must be 800 to 1,500 words. Also, we recommend a couple of images in the article. The images used must be copyright-free or should be owned by you. Make sure the images are high resolution and good quality.

    We reserve the right to edit your article

    We may edit and tune your article. Usually, the edits are limited to changing the heading tags, formatting the text, resizing the image etc. We may add links to other relevant sources of information to make your article more useful to the readers.

    Link spam?! No, you are in the wrong place!

    We are not a depository of spam and we are not into cheap link building business. We do not accept low-quality articles written just for the purpose of building backlinks. Links to cheap sites and links with keyword-filled anchor texts are usually rejected straight away. Articles should be prepared by the business owner/blogger/staff or reliable content writers. Content prepared by SEO companies and internet marketing people is generally not acceptable since they usually do meet our quality expectations.

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