Divine Euphoria Vacation Property near Bangalore - A Review

In this post, I will talk about Divine Euphoria, one of a kind farm land project within driving distance from Bangalore. If you are looking for a farm house in a resort style atmosphere or interested in farmstay holidays, read this post.

In a recent post, I talked about my search for farm houses around Bangalore and how I found Divine Euphoria. Leaving a couple of issues aside, the proposed Divine Euphoria project is expected to meet almost all of my criteria for the vacation home I was searching for several months.

You may contact the Divine Euphoria Owners' Association to purchase plots or cottages: Phone: 9742 001 485

To learn more about Divine Euphoria Farmland, visit www.divineeuphoria.com.

About Divine Euphoria Farmland near Bangalore

Divine Euphoria is a proposed farm land style resort project in a beautiful natural atmosphere, spread across about 80 acres of land. You can buy small plots in this farmland and build your own farmhouse and enjoy all the amenities. Or, you can rent log cabins, cottages or vacation homes for a couple of nights and have fun without bothering about building and managing your own vacation home.

A lot of indoor and outdoor activities are promised by the developers, which are expected to make Divine Euphoria an attractive weekend destination.

Divine Euphoria is located at Sangam Road near Kanakapura and is about 65 km away from Bangalore city. Depending on the traffic and your location in Bangalore, it may take up to 2 hours to reach this place. Also see How to reach Divine Euphoria Farmland in Kanakapua.

One of the biggest advantage of this place is, it is surrounded by hills. I have rarely seen such beautiful places except the hill stations like Munnar in Kerala and Kodaikanal.

Divine Euphoria Farmland, developed by "Divine Properties" is currently being developed and is expected to be fully operational by mid of next year (2012), according to the developers. Some of the salient features of this project are:

1. Gated community.

2. Surrounded by hills. You can have an almost 365-degree view of natural beauty.

3. Located at a high elevation, giving fresh air and a great view of sunrise and sunset.

4. Swimming pool, Clubhouse, Restaurant are planned and promised by the developers

5. Fishing Ponds

6. Cycling trail

7. Horse trail

8. Lot of animals including cows, buffaloes, dogs, goats, rabbits etc (they are already present in the site)

9. Birds - chicken, ducks and a lot more.

10. Yoga centre (work in progress)

11. Library (work in progress)

12. Indoor games

13. Outdoor games and activities

14. Mini-parks

15. Cottages and farmhouses for an overnight stay (some cottages are already built and a few others are work in progress).

Many of the unique features in Divine Euphoria make it an ideal place for a weekend stay if everything promised by the developers is delivered.

Why did I choose Divine Euphoria to build a Farm house

You can read more about my crazy search for farm houses around Bangalore and how I found Divine Euphoria. I have been looking for an ideal weekend destination around Bangalore to spend my holidays with friends and family. We decided to go to a farmhouse (buy or build) in a naturally beautiful place to give us a break from the monotonous work in front of the computers all the time. And moreover, after returning from the USA, our kids were missing log cabins and cottages which were common in the USA but very rare in India.

Our criteria for the weekend destination was:

1. Should be in a naturally beautiful place (on the hills or near a river)

2. Should be within a short driving distance from Bangalore

3. Should be in a safe and secure area

4. Should have connectivity to the internet and phone

5. We don't want to cook all the time when we go on a weekend trip, so there should be restaurants nearby.

6. A log cabin is preferred since kids are missing the cabins we enjoyed in the USA

When I list my criteria, my wife used to make fun of me saying I am talking about a dreamland that does not exist anywhere. I too did not expect I can fulfil all the criteria until I found Divine Euphoria.

Divine Euphoria Farmland meets (if all promises by developers are delivered) almost all of my expectations and criteria we set for our vacation stay. It is very scenic, picturesque and surrounded by beautiful hills. Even though it is not located on the riverside, it is on the way to the Kaveri river (Cauvery river), which is a growing tourist destination.

Distance is a bit higher than I prefer. DE is about 65 km from Bangalore city and takes about 2 hours to reach during peak traffic. It would have been ideal if I could reach there in an hour or so.

It is a safe and secure place since it is in a gated community with 24-hour security. Developers have assured full fencing around the farmland. An upcoming restaurant would satisfy your taste buds unless you want to cook in your log cabin or cottage.

I am not sure if they will have internet connectivity. I will find it soon.

There are a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities for kids. If you are visiting with friends or relatives, there are enough activities to keep the kids busy while you barbecue the chicken on the grills.

Buy & build a farmhouse or Rent a cabin?

You have many options at Divine Euphoria.

  • Buy a piece of land (as low as 3000 sq ft) and plant trees

  • Build a log cabin (small house made of wood)

  • Build a cottage

  • Rent a cabin or cottage for overnight stay

  • Visit and enjoy day time activities - indoor or outdoor

  • If you build your own vacation home at DE, you can visit and stay whenever you want. You can rent your vacation home to others when you are not staying there. If you buy only a plot and not build a cottage, you can use their cabins or cottages 2 times a year. Property owners need to pay around Rs 5,000 as annual maintenance fee for an average size plot, which they haven't started collecting yet. If you want to buy or build a vacation property near Bangalore, Divine Euphoria would be a good option.

    If you need more information about Divine Euphoria Farmland, you can visit www.DivineEuphoria.com.

    Disclaimer: I own a plot at Divine Euphoria and this review is based on the information I gathered as part of my limited experience with them. I have no affiliation with the developer of this property.

    Many of the expectations mentioned above are based on the promises by the developers when I purchased my piece of land. I hope they will deliver their promises but I have no guarantee. If you are inspired by reading my blog, make sure you do your homework before you buy anything there.

    Since this review started giving many inquiries to the project, they started offering me goodies like free mango tree planted in my property, a lemon tea each time walk into their office etc! The developer even paid for my coffee when I met him once in a Coffee Day on the way to Kanakapura. So, if you are visiting or buying there, please mention my review so that I can have another lemon tea when I visit them next time :-)

    I am planning to visit other farmlands and resorts around Bangalore and like to write reviews. If you know any such week-end destinations or vacation stay places, let me know and I will be more than happy to visit the place and review them.

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    Guest Author: K Bali07 Dec 2011

    We are also considering buying a plot at Divine Euphoria. Has your property been registered? We found a forum where some owners were worried about the delay in registration from the developers side.

    Guest Author: 07 Dec 2011


    My plot is not registered yet. Each time I spoke to them, they said they are ready for registration, but nothing really happened. I know many others already got registered. Only specific pieces of land in Divine Euphoria face some problems since the original seller hasn't given up the rights fully yet. What I heard is, they promised alternate land to the seller, they have issues in registering the alternate land to the farmer, so the farmer hasn't given the selling rights to Divine Euphoria yet.

    Guest Author: sarath25 Dec 2011

    can you tel me whether they got Bank approvals?
    and do you know the owner's name?

    Guest Author: Mahesh01 Feb 2012

    It looks beautiful there. Don't you need to be a farmer or a affliated family to buy and register farmland in Karnataka?, how are they handling it? Otherwise it might be a safer bet to buy farmland near Hosur which can appreciate more rapidly as a investment too. I am thinking of buying, so just curious what your research and enquiry came up with and how you satisfied yourself that it was a safe bet?

    Guest Author: 16 Jul 2012

    After a long wait, my land registration is done at Divine Euphoria. Now I will recommend this project to anyone. Only one caution - make sure the plot you are buying is ready for registration. Some plots are still owned by farmers and they are hesitating to give the land since the place has changed a lot and market price has gone up significantly.

    You can call 8553458452 for more details about Divine Euphoria.

    Guest Author: VS24 Sep 2012

    Good to read about your experience. I have almost decided on Divine Euphoria.

    Few questions :

    1.How to ensure this property is litigation free ?
    Also how does the registration piece work ? Unlike residential
    property there won't be any khata etc. invoved. And can one
    own this land even if one is not a farmer ?

    2. Any comments on the quality of maintainence ?

    Guest Author: varun01 Dec 2012

    Dont you have to be a farmer in order to purchase farmland in karnataka. Also isnt there a rule that if you earn morn than 2 lakhs from non agricultural resources you cannot purchase farmland / non residential land in karnataka. althought some of these rules are ridiculous, isnt it still illegal to break the rules. or is there a legal workaround ?

    Guest Author: abc19 May 2013

    I recently visited this place and nothing has changed much from what you have posted on youtube and here. They told me they have plans to have metal roads, tar road till the restaurant and several other fancy promises! However if the pace is this slow (or nonexistant), I'm worried about they keeping the promises. At what price/sqft you bought it? Thanks in advance!

    Guest Author: 19 May 2013

    I have to admit that the development is extremely slow and very disappointing. In fact, nothing has changed in last several months. There was a meeting recently, in which the developers assured the development work in resume this month (May 2013) and some of the work like canteen will be completed. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Guest Author: ghd19 May 2013

    Can you please let me know the price/sqft you bought? you can email me at guslinn AT GMAIL dot COM I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

    Guest Author: 19 May 2013

    I bought more than 2 years ago and the price was about Rs 90 per sq ft at that time.

    Guest Author: Kaveri15 Jun 2013

    Hi, I am also looking for investing in farm land with the same amenities as Divine euphoria. Came to your page from Google search. Do you recommend this still? Going by the fact that it is not being worked upon?

    I also found this "Forest View" from Sundar homes. http://sundarhomes.com/ Have you seen this project? Any views?

    Guest Author: Vikas02 Jul 2013


    Does anyone has updates on the progress at the farmland ?
    I am almost decided to buy, but a lot in this location depends on how the developer maintains the place and keeps delivering on the promises .

    What is the feedback from existing owners, if any ?


    Guest Author: bunty05 Jul 2013

    Tony can you give me your number...i wanna talk to you.

    Guest Author: Raj15 Jul 2013

    Hi Tony,
    I am Raj work for Accenture bangalore.
    I red your blog on divine euphoria, I would like to talk to you about this. Can I get your contact no. please. As I am interested to buy a form land and got interest on this project, It would be great help for me to decide.
    Thanks in advance. My email id: bhaktaraj AT yahoo DOT com.
    Awaiting your reply.
    Best Regards,

    Guest Author: Nitesh19 Jul 2013

    Hello Tony,

    You are becoming famous, I need your number as well if it does not bother you.



    Guest Author: Gyan_kj24 Jul 2013

    Hi, I am new to this conversation. I am very much interested to purchase property in Divine Euphoria. Can anyone suggest me if this is a good move and if this is safe to invest there. If any of you have already got the lang registered then it is safe. Please reply and suggest.

    Guest Author: Vikram21 Aug 2013

    Guys don't be fooled. In past 3 years there has not been an iota of progress here. The titles are not clear and have some problems. Do not put your money in this.

    The pictures taken are very old, this is not even maintained properly. There is no plan. Even you live in cottage, you will need sewage and electrical supply.


    Guest Author: divya22 Aug 2013

    Hi Tony,

    This is Divya from Chennai. After reading your post, even I wish to buy a piece of land from Divine Euphorbia. Appreciate you provide me the details and the processes to own a land via my mail id. Thanks in advance.

    Warm regards,

    Guest Author: Ranjith02 Sep 2013

    Hi Tony,

    Can you pl give me your number.

    I am interested in this plot.

    If anyone else has any information, please do share your contact number with me on my mail id,


    Guest Author: anish02 Sep 2013

    Tony, can you please help me with some doubts? I am eager to know the scope of this investment and then a decade down the line, if you are planning to sell it off, what could be the possible response from investors.

    Guest Author: Vivek14 Sep 2013

    My recommendation is to be cautious before you venture into this; don't fall into their trap of seeking money & forcing to enter into agreements even before legal clearance. In fact, I doubt the legal clearance of papers since they were not able to provide one, for the piece of land I was interested & finally I pulled out! I was not willing to get trapped by their urgency to enter into agreement without my attorney clearance!

    Guest Author: Suresh Kumar30 Oct 2013

    Hi Guys,

    I want to caution you!!!

    Please verify everything you see.

    When you visit the place all looks nice and gloomy. The place has been maintained well with pretty decent landscaping,emu farming, other domestic birds &animals,quad biking,courtesy(sweet talking,tea,coffee,tea,food etc).

    I know you want to be in a place like that but you need to worry about not getting carried away by their sweet talk.

    If you are planning to buy the property then there are N things to be questioned here

    1. Do these people who are developing this property have the right documents?

    2. Are you willing to pay an advance in return of a paper receipt?

    3. How can you believe the testimonials, how do you know it is all fixed??

    We have been cheated by these people. They will force you to make an advance payment in exchange of a paper receipt which is not valid at all and later on when we find their documentations to be improper and request to return the money they will back off....they will drag and drag and drag until you yourself forget your money...they will issue you cheques that will certainly bounce....they are shameless and they dont have any business or personal ethics.

    So please be very cautious!!!!

    Guest Author: Anil16 Dec 2013


    I am new to the conversation and new to investing in property. Can someone advise me on DE and suggest me other similar projects ?

    Thank you

    Guest Author: Saleem15 Jan 2014

    I have bought the land more than 2 years ago and still waiting for registration to be done. Every time I ask they say it's ready and then there is no response from them. I have been chasing for more than 6 months now and had no response. I have already paid 7.5 lakhs and pending 3.3 lakhs. I really have doubt if they have all the legal papers for registering the property.

    Guest Author: Max24 Aug 2014

    Buying land in Karnataka (any type) is a great risk. You never know when some Tom, Dick and Scary will turn up claiming it as his. If it is farm land then even more so because you just cannot buy if you cannot show you are already a farmer. Plain and simple. If anyone says otherwise or talks of some loophole in the law then it is just that... a loophole... and may not be exactly legal way. Developers are exploiting the hunger of city folks to experience living in natural environment, which has been destroyed in the city. This hunger can blind people to legalities of buying land.

    Guest Author: Guest17 Jul 2015

    This project is totally fraud. Anu rao has taken lot of money from different people and not reachable. They are trying to double sell the plots to different people. They do not have money to give back. Be careful and avoid this crap

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