Farm houses and farmstay around Bengaluru for weekend and vacation stay

Bengaluru is the IT capital of India with very few natural attractions around the city. If you are looking for a break from the busy work and want to live with the nature, look for Farm houses or Farmstay in the outskirts of the city. In this post, I will talk about some Farm houses near Bangalore for vacation or week end stay.

When I returned from USA to India, I chose Bangalore as my destination. While we all love the city, couple of things disappointed us. One of the biggest disappointment was, there are not many local destinations around the city, except Bannerghatta National Park and Nandi Hills. You can find some Nandi Hills visiting tips from our recent Nandi Hills visit.

After realizing our options are limited for a short vacation and weekend stay, we started thinking about our own vacation stay home nearby. After several weeks of research, we thought to go for a Farm house in the outskirts of the Bengaluru city. Our initial plan was to buy few acres of land and build our own farmhouse.

Building our own farmhouse around Bangalore

Making the decision to build our own farmhouse was easy, but getting it done was really challenging. When we started thinking more about it, more and more concerns came into mind:

1. Farmhouse should be close to Bangalore city, but should be far enough from the crowd and pollution. If we come too close, the land is very expensive and does not really serve the purpose of having a farmhouse in a calm and quiet place.

If it is too far, we may not bother to drive very far often and may not be able to enjoy what we build spending huge money. We could not decide on an ideal location for the farmhouse.

2. Expense: We need to buy at least 5 acres of land to build a farmhouse with the true spirit of it. We need cattle sheds, animals, birds like chicken, ponds, other shallow water bodies, fishing options, hills etc. And obviously a secure "farm house" to live in.

3. Security: If we choose a remote, calm and quiet place to set up a farm house, security could be a big concern. I was concerned about staying in a remote place with a family with no help around. We may be able to protect ourselves from wild animals, but not from the wild people!

4. Communication and access: Even though farm stay is meant to take a break from work and help us relax with nature, I can't really live without internet and laptop. In fact, I really need them aside from me and just in case my 24/7 website business decides to take a break along with me, I need to wake them up! (Occasionally, my webserver that serves millions of users every month go down without notice and that usually happens when I am without access to internet!). If we build a farmhouse in a remote village or in the woods, chances of having internet access or even mobile phone access is low.

5. Time and effort: If I decide to build my own farmhouse around Bangalore, considering my expertise in the field and lack of political contacts, it may take years to build one after completing all legal formalities. Chances of getting into the land scam and various legal issues are very high for a non-local person like me. Also, is it worth spending all my time building a vacation stay house?

6. Maintenance: This was another big concern. Building a farmhouse could be relatively easier compared to maintaining it. If we have a lot of animals, it definitely costs a lot to feed them and keep them healthy and clean. We will need a lot of people to take care of the animals. Also, keeping few acres of land clean and beautiful without losing it's natural beauty, we need to put a lot of efforts.

After considering all the above factors and advice from our well wishers, we concluded it is not worth and wise building our own farm house. But I wasn't ready to give up.

If we can't build one ourselves, why can't we have a shared one? I started asking few friends about it. The idea was to buy few acres of land and build multiple farm houses in it for each one of us. Most of them were in favor of having a vacation stay home to spend the weekends, but no one wanted to take the challenges involved in owning one. After some talks, that idea also was dropped off.

Few friends suggested going for "Timeshare" models. I did some research on that as well, but I quickly concluded that it is cheaper to rent a vacation stay as and when we want it and pay as we use.

The dream coming true

I was highly disappointed that my dream of owning a farm house around Bengalore was not working out. As a last attempt, I posted a message in an NRI forum trying to find the like minded people and see if I can make it happen.

Farm houses for vacation around Bangalore

Few people responded they are also interested but nothing really interesting came up for a while.

About 2 months later, one person replied saying he has visited some interesting farm land property which look very promising and match my interests.

Here is his reply:

Farmland near Bangalore

He recommended a farm land coming up near Bangalore (on the way to Kavery river, near Kanakapura). I spent hours researching more about the property he mentioned. The more I read, the more I got interested in it. I found several features that very closely match with what I was looking for several months. I went to sleep with this comment to my wife: "I think I found my dream vacation home". As usual her reply was "you are crazy".

I will cover more details on Divine Euphoria Farm Land, where my craze for the farm house landed. see related articles: Divine Euphoria

Visit for more details about Divine Euphoria.

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Guest Author: Snehalata Sawant06 Mar 2014

Farm stay is the best option for travellers who are nature loving, like to co-ordinate with villagers, their culture, lifestyles. It is amazing experience to engage yourself in day to day farming activities. For detail, visit at:

Guest Author: Giridhar31 Mar 2015

Hey there, did the farmhouse materialize?

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