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Farm houses and farm land resorts are becoming a popular place for entertainment. If you are an IT person working in Bengaluru and are interested in some week-end entertainment away from the world of machines, read my experience with Divine Euphoria, an interesting farm land resort project near Bangalore, India.

When we decided to return from USA to India, we started looking for places for entertainment in and around Bangalore. We knew Bangalore is a very busy city. The roads are crowded with cars, buses and motorbikes all day and the traffic does not settle until midnight. Even during the night, you can see call centre pickup and drop vans rushing everywhere. What else you can expect from the IT capital of the country?

Bangalore is home for a large number of IT companies and there are several thousand IT professionals work here. By nature, most IT professionals work late hours and weekends, the price they pay for the heavy bucks they earn. This causes them to look for entertainments away from the crowd and pollution in the city.

There are several resorts within 50km from the city for the weekend fun and vacation. But I wasn't really impressed on the idea of going to resorts for fun for several reasons. One thing is the huge cost charged by the resorts. The more important factor is, resorts near Bangalore city does not really offer the calm and quite atmosphere I was looking for. Most resorts provide a high-tech atmosphere no different from the IT companies. I really want to go to places which are more close to nature like farmlands in a village atmosphere.

Wait, I can find natural farmlands in the nearby villages around Bangalore. But there are concerns about safety, cleanliness, food, transportation, local language etc. I do not speak Kannada and I will have a tough time going to the villages and having fun in rural farm houses.

So, what exactly I need? A farmhouse near Bangalore city, with scenic beauty, clean surroundings, lakes, mountains, hills, good food, outdoor activities, indoor games, animals to pet, trees to climb on and build a tree house, lot of fresh air, a swimming pool to relax at the end of the day and a hut to sleep!

Well, that was just a dream and a topic for others to make fun of me each time I talked about it. But I seriously believed someday I could buy few acres of land near Bangalore and build a farm house for us to spend our weekends. Even though it wouldn't be practical to get everything I dreamed, I thought I could get some of them. But my biggest concern was safety and legal issues in acquiring farmland near Bangalore. I had little hope I could make that happen.

Farm land projects near Bangalore

After dreaming my farmhouse dream for a while, I thought I would ask other NRIs who were returning to India if they had any such craze. I tried my luck at, a place where most returning NRIs discuss their concerns. There were no response for several weeks and I concluded no one else is so crazy!

About 2 months later, someone else replied saying they are also interested in the same concept, but instead of taking the pain of building our own farmland, he referred me to Divine Euphoria farm land project in Kanakapura, near Bangalore. In the next few days, several others showed interest in the concept and we could form a group of people to visit the property.

I was really amazed at the way things turned out. Divine Euphoria is a place that exactly matches my dream about the weekend entertainment. See how closely Divine Euphoria matched my expectations:

A farmhouse near Bangalore city, with scenic beauty, clean surroundings, lakes, mountains, hills, good food, outdoor activities, indoor games, animals to pet, trees to climb on and build a tree house, lot of fresh air, a swimming pool to relax at the end of the day and a hut to sleep!

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  • Divine Euphoria is pretty close to the city (well, not so close. It is about 60km away and will take about 2 hours to reach there in busy traffic).

  • Scenic beauty: Divine Euphoria is surrounded by small and big hills. I have never seen a place with a 360-degree view of hills and mountains.

  • The development is still going on but looks very promising. The place is maintained very clean.

  • There are several artificial and natural lakes, trails and big trees. Also, they are planting new trees everywhere.

  • They are building a huge clubhouse for indoor games.

  • Swimming pool and restaurants are coming soon.

  • Library, Yoga center etc are being developed

  • They are building log cabins, huts and cottages. (This was a bonus for me. I loved staying in log cabins in USA but did not include that in my dreams since I never thought that is practical in India. But I was really impressed to see the beautiful log cabin built in Divine Euphoria farmland resorts.)

  • Lot of animals, birds, fishes - almost like a petting zoo. Well, I dreamed of having animals and birds to pet, but Divine Euphoria actually disappointed me. They have too many of them and are scattered all around the farmland. I think it will be hard to keep the smell away when they have too many animals and are spread everywhere. I really wish if they had a separate area in the farmland to keep the animals and birds away from the calm and freshness of the farmland.

  • So, what is Divine Euphoria?

    I hope you got a good idea now. Divine Euphoria is a natural farmland style resort coming up in Kanakapura, near Bangalore. I am not sure, but I think they have about 100 acres of land, with a solid compound wall offering safety. The location is scenic, picturesque and is surrounded by beautiful hills. I have not found a better place for the weekend destination from Bangalore.

    The farmland resort offers common amenities like swimming pool, library, indoor games, outdoor activities, restaurant, yoga centre, petting zoo, lakes, hiking. You can rent cottages, cabins or can have just day time activities for corporate.

    Divine Euphoria is still under development and the cabins are available for the stay only for customers who bought plots inside the farmland resort. They are selling plots of about 3500 sq ft or above where you can build your own cabin or cottage. Remember this is agricultural land and you cannot build a huge building there. Only cabins, cottages or huts are allowed. The developers would build the cabins for you at your expense. The price for the plot as of today is Rs 155 per sq ft (September 2011) which seem to be very reasonable.

    Is it worth buying a property at this farmland?

    Well, I cannot answer that question for you. Most people will be comfortable just paying the money and using the farmland resort as and when they want. But if you like to have a piece of farmland at a safe, scenic location and low prices, probably it is a good time to buy. The prices haven't gone up much yet since they are still developing. From various reviews I heard, the prices will go much once they complete the development and start offering the cabins and cottages for a vacation stay. If you like to have a vacation home, I haven't seen a better place around Bangalore. But remember, this place is about 2hour drive from Bengaluru city.

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    Divine Euphoria Farmstay Project

    I was really surprised to see there are not many reviews available on the web. While searching for reviews on Divine Euphoria, I came across a few other farmland projects near Bangalore and I even visited some of them. None of them seems to be offering what Divine has in store. Also, price is another important factor. Well developed farmland projects like Jain Farms are highly expensive while Divine is still very affordable. If you are willing to spend more money, I think Jain Farms is also an option. I haven't visited that place yet but will be doing so soon. (My concept about weekend stay include Bar-B-Q chicken with my portable Bar-B-Q grill. But sorry, Jains are vegetarians!) But Jain Farms could be worth a visit.

    UPDATE 10 July 2012: My farm property registration is completed at Divine Euphoria and I feel a lot more comfortable about this place than I was before. The work is progressing at a slow pace in the farmland and everything looks great.

    If you need any additional information about this farmland project, visit


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    Guest Author: anselm pinto01 Nov 2011

    Hi, Did you finally get down to visiting Divine Euphoria and if so, please let me know your experience. I too am looking to pick up farm land for a weekend home. The only issue in DE is the distance and 2 hour drive could be a killer. I live next to Bangalore East station and so the time taken could be more. My wife wants a place close, but what's the fun then. To me the journey is more important than the destination :)

    I love the idea of my own place with my 'kitchen garden' et al. The BBQ is also a great thought. I am actively scouting various farmland options and would be glad to share my thooughts/ experiences in due course.

    Guest Author: Tony John09 Nov 2011

    Anselm Pinto,

    I bought some plots there and visited once. Looks great and developing pretty good. On Nov 12th, they have a customer meet. They welcome potential customers as well.

    I have written a new review after my recent visit to Divine Euphoria.

    Guest Author: Jeevan05 Jul 2013

    It is nice review. I am also interested to know more about this project. Are all the approvals in place? What is the current progress?

    Can we get bank loan? If yes, any what are the approved banks?

    Guest Author: Suresh29 Apr 2020

    Hello Tony,

    Just read through your blog and was wondering if you have registered your land and built a farmhouse at Divine Euphoria.
    Was curious to know about the progress of the project and its facilities.

    Additionally, have many farmhouses come up over the years since you bought your plot there?

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