Safety Tips for Women Tourists in India

India is a fascinating place to travel, but female travelers may find themselves in unsafe situations. Knowledge and planning go a long way toward safety in India. Here are some tips for avoiding danger while traveling in the Indian subcontinent.

India, the land of forts, palaces, jungles and deserts is a fascinating place to travel. India has the potential to be a dangerous place for women to travel, but with thought and planning, travel to India can be a wonderful and safe experience, even for women.

Below are some basic guidelines for India travel safety for women.

Women Should Avoid Traveling in India Alone

Women should avoid traveling alone in India if at all possible. Additionally, even women who travel with a companion in India should avoid venturing out in isolated places alone, even for short periods of time during the day. A woman should never go out alone after dark as it is uncommon for even Indian women to be out and about alone after dark.

The safest option is for women travel with a male, but at the very least, a woman should bring a female friend along on her trip to India.

Women Should Consider Group Travel and India Luxury Tours

One of the best ways for a woman to safely travel in India and to avoid being alone is to take advantage of group travel packages to India. There is indeed safety in numbers not to mention that knowledgeable tour guides prevent female travelers under their care from unknowingly ending up in unsafe places.

Women who have the means to do so might want to consider splurging with an India luxury tour. Luxury tours in India provide not only safety, but comfort and the opportunity to visit the softer side of India. Luxury tours to India provide women travelers with an opportunity to enjoy the best food, attractions, and fabulous Indian hotels. A glimpse into the life of Indian royalty can be had by those who choose to stay in palace hotels in India.

Western Women Traveling in India Should Wear Modest Clothing
Rape is becoming more common in India. In fact, according the U.S. Department of State, statistics provided by the Indian government indicate that rape is the fastest growing crime in India, with Delhi having the highest incidents. Foreign women are not specifically targeted, but foreign women are also at risk and should take necessary precautions, including wearing modest apparel at all times.

Shorts, skirts that are above the knees, tight pants and sleeveless tops should be avoided when traveling in India. Loose fitting long skirts and loose blouses provide enough modesty and are also reasonably cool to wear.

Those who want to experience another aspect of Indian life may opt to wear traditional Indian Punjabi pants suits known as salwar kameez. Those who enjoy eBay shopping can find a wide assortment of Indian clothing at reasonable prices that can be purchased prior to the trip and of course, there are numerous opportunities to go shopping once in India.

Women can travel safely in India when they avoid traveling alone, splurge on tour packages, particularly luxury tours, and intentionally wear modest clothing.


Author: Anwesha22 Aug 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Yes, unfortunately what you have written are all true and bitter true facts.
It is so shameful, that in a country, that has been independent for 68 years, situations are going back prior to the middle ages.
Rather than encouraging independence, women have to be treated as a special species. who should be more and more dependent in the coming days. Wow, what a country we are living in.

Guest Author: Umang Shreshta09 Jun 2016

Women finds themselves most unsafe in the rural north where biradari, jirga or Panchayaths are the total authority. Literally people are living their lives like it was 300 years back. Women are seen as objects of interest rather than individuals. The notion of "honor" that is bestowed on to the protection of one's own daughter or sister is considered epitome of chivalry. These people are not open minded even in the 21st century and government - Centre fears to touch these rural regions where women are perpetually put into backwardness. Your article is realy informative. However, you could've put south India is comparatively a safer civilization or culture.

Guest Author: Niya21 Jun 2016

"Don't go anywhere alone, you are a girl" This was the most heard sound from family members when I was studying in Delhi. I have faced a lot of small- small problems while travelling to Delhi from Chennai. As Anwesha mentioned above, It is so shameful, that in a country, that has been independent for 68 years.

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