Top 5 Travel Destinations to Visit in the Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands are one of the most visited places in the world. They are known for their scenic beauty, beaches, seas, night-life etc. If you are planning a trip to Caribbean, then you should read this article. It contains useful information of 5 best Islands in the Carribean.

Islands in general, and the Caribbean islands in particular, are among the top vacation destinations in the world. Year in, year out, millions of tourists come to the small, beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Next time you are planning to go on vacation you must surely consider the Caribbean because of all the many options that are available here for the most sophisticated singles, couples, and families.


At the moment Anguilla is probably one of the most prestigious place of the Caribbean. It is a small and sparely populated island in the Caribbean Sea with a tropical climate moderated by northeast trade winds. Besides its superb beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, its contemporary international style and marvellous panoramic views, Anguilla is also renowned for its fantastic selection of restaurants, spas and luxurious world-class hotels. However, they don't come inexpensive. Even basic accommodations can be unaffordable, though affordable guest houses can be found. Mostly, people who travel to Anguilla are looking for rest and relaxation. Taking the air on the beaches, swimming, sunning and reading are the favourite activities. The island is well renowned for a few of the best dive waters all over the globe. Anguilla is vulnerable to hurricanes from June to November. Even though for the most part a haven for travellers, for those people who are in search of the perfect paradise or long term vacation site, the search may be over.


Aruba is one of the free-tax zone in the Caribbean, making the island to one of the most attractive tourist site located in the very heart of the southern Caribbean, only a two hour flight from Miami and about 15 miles north of Venezuela. It is one of the Caribbean's most popular island destinations, at once breathtakingly calm and serene and dramatically rugged at the same time, a tropical paradise of extraordinary beauty and absolutely perfect if you are in search of a vacation full of sun. It is a place to visit all year-around, the temperatures are moderate and there is not a major rainy season. Aruba is much dryer than many of the other islands in the Caribbean, and the wind blows year-round. The island lies outside the hurricane belt, so it is safe to travel there even in high hurricane season.

Aruba features beautiful hidden beaches, surfboarders gliding across the waves, impressive casino action, a championship golf course and overwhelming shopping in the charming capital of Oranjestad. For those travelers looking for plenty of outdoor activities, Aruba definitely delivers with many water based activities such as fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and boating. You can also find a lot of excellent high end restaurants and great nightlife that has made Aruba world renown as one of the most place in the Caribbean. It combines all the elements for a perfect island getaway.


Curacao is viewed as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, really a tropical paradise. Situated at the southern part of the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. Only 2 1/2 hours from Miami, this vacation destination is the largest island in the Netherland Antilles. It has a warm, sunny climate all over the year, is tucked below the hurricane belt in the south Caribbean and has a very low incidence of terrible storms. Curacao is an outstanding place for divers and provides some of the best shore diving in the Caribbean, if not the world. Divers and snorkelers will particularly value highly the thirty-eight beaches on the island and the sixty-eight dive places near Curacao. The never-ending sun attracts many tourists, both Europeans and Americans. Curacao is renowned for wonderful clear water, glittering clean beaches, and friendly locals. The beaches are not as genuine and original as those on several of the other Caribbean islands, but they do host a more cosmopolitan kind of fun with their water activity vendors and casinos. The capital of Willemstad is full of restaurants, shops, nightlife, and cultural museums while it retains its centuries-old past. Divers will savor the coral reefs and hikers will want to discover the national parks on the island. And every people will welcome the friendly nature and hospitality that the island-dwellers exude to the great number of tourists from across the globe that travel to Curacao.


If you are an avid fan of the Caribbean Islands, then Martinique is just for you to visit this summer, or the next summer. Located east of the Caribbean Sea, this lovely island is actually under the rule and government of France. No wonder it has such a French name. So when you go there, bring a lot of Euros with you for that is their currency. You'll need some to enjoy the Martinique's wonderful Creole cuisine!

To give you a brief overview of thee island, its north region is full of mountains and has a lot of lush forests. There are a lot of highlights in the mountains, but two of these stand out. One is the Pitons du Carbet, which is a group of 5 beautifully shaped volcanoes covered by the rainforest. The other highlight is one that you'll recognize: Mt. Pelee, whose eruptions in the past contributed largely to the now striking grey and black sandy beaches of the north. So, if you are the type who loves to trek and enjoy the terrain, then by all means, all you have to do is get a very dependable transportation and head north.
On the other hand, the south part is quite the opposite of the north not just in terms of direction. Instead of rugged terrains and rainforests, you will see breath-taking beaches with white sands and crystal blue waters. If you are a sun and beach worshipper, then this is the area that you must go. So, if you can't decide what to do during your vacation, whether you want to take a dive in the sea or do some heavy trekking in a rainforest, this island will surely help you make up your mind on what to do.

St. Lucia

There are a lot of people who want to go to the beach and just take in everything it has to offer. But with the rise in world population and with everyone having almost the same thought, it's almost impossible to go to the beach and have it all to yourself, or share it with a few other people. Well, in times like this, it's good to remember what your geography and science teacher taught you, that the world is made up of 2/3 of water. With that many water, there has to be a beach somewhere in this huge planet of ours that is not heavily populated and is still breathtakingly beautiful.

Such is the case of St. Lucia. This place has all the characteristics that you ever want in a beach slash island. Located in the Caribbean, this tiny tropical island is still undiscovered by many travelers. The exact location is that it is situated between Martinique and St.Vincent, near the northern part of Barbados. This mango shaped island has the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern shores and the Caribbean Sea on its western shores. Whichever shore you'll pick, it sure is going to be just perfect.

Because of its lovely coral reefs and cliffs, this tiny island not only offers you swimming and tanning opportunities, but also snorkeling and diving. If you have lost some taste for the sea, as if it's going to happen, then you can go to the Pitons. There, you'll be able to enjoy the flora and fauna that no market or zoo has.


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