Antarctica, my Dream Destination

All of us have a dream destination in our life which we would like to visit at least once in a lifetime. Here I'm going to tell you about Antarctica, my dream destination and the things to do in Antarctica.


My dream destination is Antarctica or South Pole as you may call it. When I was a child, I used to watch different educational and travel-related channels. I saw pictures and videos of Antarctica there. One might agree with me that the dreams of childhood are the most riveting ones. Ever since I have watched those programs, I have grown up thinking, that one day I will visit this place and see its enamoring beauty myself.

What is so special about Antarctica?

There are so many places to visit. The obvious question is why is Antarctica my dream destination? One reason is that I love snow clad territories. Few days ago I went to Nainital in the chilly winters. I will share that experience in another article. The other reason is that I love peaceful and lonesome places. Antarctica is surely one of them. There are no permanent residents in Antarctica. Very few temporary residents are there in the entire continent.

Few chilly facts about Antarctica

  • Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on the Earth.

  • Almost 80-85% of the ice that covers our planet Earth is present in Antarctica.

  • The best thing about Antarctica is that it is full of glaciers. I have never really seen a glacier.

  • Antarctica is categorized as a desert due to its dryness.

Things to do in Antarctica if I could get a chance to visit there...

I would be ecstatic if I ever hop on this opportunity. I would take my camera to capture every incident that happens there and every little but ravishing landscape that I get a glimpse of. I have heard that Antarctica witnesses lot of avalanches and blizzards. Although I would not dare to experience an avalanche there, I would like to capture the motion and behavior of the blizzards in Antarctica. So far I have only read about glaciers in my geography book. If I get a chance to go to Antarctica, I can see them for myself. I can enjoy the fierce and myriad beauty of glaciers breaking and submerging into the chilled waters of this continent.
Everybody knows Antarctica is the den of penguins. I don't think, there is a single girl on this Earth who doesn't like penguins or the playful nature of penguins. How I wish I could rush into a group of penguins with my play stuff. Some of them will get scared and jump into the water. Some of them will come inquisitively towards my play stuff. I will feed them with small fishes.
I would also capture seals, taking a nap near ice-covered lakes, in my camera. I would try to feed them, only if they don't scare me away. I would like to try and visit the volcanoes that Antarctica possesses. I have watched few tourists on television, having a small excursion near lakes containing warm water due to the tremendous heat from the nearby volcano. Can you imagine hot water surrounded by chilling or a freezing weather of Antarctica? I would never miss that if I go to Antarctica.
You can very well guess now, why Antarctica is my dream destination. But, while I am doing all this I cannot forget the freezing weather of Antarctica. Hence, in the next section, I have discussed the things that I will pack in my travel bag.

Packing my bags

I would keep woolen clothes as many as possible. I would include two leather jackets and two full sleeve and two half sleeve sweaters. I would keep two-three pairs of jeans and sweatshirts. There will be no room for cotton tops and pants, which are my companions in other travel destinations.
I would keep a lot of moisturizing and antiseptic creams. Such a cold weather can harm my skin to bleeding. I would keep woolen gloves and socks and head gears in my bag. I would keep a high voltage torch and proper snow boots to accompany me to places with thick and thin ice. I would also keep skating shoes with me. Who would miss the chance of skating on the thick ice patch of the valleys in Antarctica? I would keep a portable immersion water heater with me. You can't afford to take a bath in the chilled waters there, nor can you drink the cold water.


I have a strong penchant for snow filled places. Antarctica is not only snow clad but is adventurous too. It has snow deserts, volcanoes, thick and thin glaciers which melt, break and collapse to add to the danger. The penguins and seals add to the fun and frolic of the place. Blizzards and avalanches show you the raw nature of such wintery places. You get the taste of fun, adventure, ecstasy, wildness and fear of nature and much more. Things can get so scary that one might be frozen to death. This is more than what you get in day to day life. I would not miss this chance at all. So my dream destination was, is and will always be Antarctica, until I get a chance to visit it.


Guest Author: Yatindra Kaushal03 Jun 2016

Yaar, How can we expect tourism possibility in Antartica? Isn't this a far fetched imagination? Antartica is impossible to be a common tourist destination. The expense to travel there and live for a couple of days will cross millions of US dollars. Perhaps we have some realistic tourist destinations covered in this travel site. Can you tell me about some good beaches near to Calcutta, since you seems to be from Bengal?

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