Sabuj Deep – Picnic Spot in Hooghly West Bengal

Sabuj Deep is a well known picnic spot in Bengal. Find detail travel information, location details, attractions charges etc. in the article. It is a picnic spot near Kolkata in winter.

Sabujdeep is an attractive winter picnic spot in Hooghly district of West Bengal. The place filled with greenery at the middle of water can refreshes you. The place is near Bolagarh and Somrabazar station at Hooghly. The place is at the meeting point of Behula and Hooghly River.

How to reach at Sabuj Deep in West Bengal

You can take Katoa local from Howrah or Sealdah or Bandel station from Kolkata. Reach Balagarh or Somrabazar station. From there take van and reach Sukhriyagram pherighat. From there take motor driven country boat available to reach Sabuj Deep. The only Katoa local leaves sealdah station at 8.04 in the morning.

Charges for picnic and boat fair for Sabuj deep visit

The country boat charges Rs 25/- per head for reach sabuj deep and return. You have to book picnic spot for a group picnic. Picnic spot charges are Rs 50/- for a group of 25 people. You have to give Rs 2/- each for more than 25 people.

Attractions at Sabuj Deep in Hooghly West Bengal

Children's play ground, watch tower are there at Sabuj Deep. You can find green trees like Arjun, Mehagani, Ukaliptus etc in the island. The country boat riding in the river is also enjoyable.

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Guest Author: 28 Feb 2012

Seems great place for picnic. Good review,if few deatails about the availability of Rooms were added then it will be a complete one.

Guest Author: 01 Mar 2012

Thanks for your response but hotels are not available at Sabuj deep. Spot booking is available as above.

Guest Author: Arin21 Dec 2012

How much time it will take to go from Bandel to Sabujdeep approximately?

Guest Author: R. BASU29 May 2014

Please inform at Sabuj deep, Can we get all kinds facilities like cooking vessels, Gas, Bason, Sabji, Meat, Fish, wine etc at the picnic spot or we can purchase from the outside Market all the requirements?

Guest Author: Raja Banerjee17 Oct 2014

Though thousands of visitors throngs every year at Sabuj Dwip but there is no accommodation to stay at night in this area. But at last Smt Dipa Banerjee, pioneer of Mandermani/Biharinath is likely to start a resort here. For further details one may contact 033-69547111/8017202499

Guest Author: Raja Banerjee23 Oct 2014

Till date there is no night accommodation at/near Sabuj dweep. At last a moderate Resort/day picnic spot is coming up and will be functional from Puja 2015. You may contact 8017202499 for further details.

Guest Author: Raja Banerjee15 Nov 2014

It is true that there is no night accommodation at/near Sabuj Dweep right now? But a moderate resort is coming up near Sabuj Dweep and is likely to be operational from Puja 2015. For further details you may contact 8017202499.

Guest Author: Dibyendu Ghosh28 Nov 2014

Can I get any contact number to book this picnic spot?

Guest Author: Jayanta mondal03 Dec 2014

Is there any motor engine boat or launch available to reach Sobujdeep from Sukhadia village? Actually, I want to go there with my 100 students for picnic safely.

Guest Author: bithi chaudhuri20 Jan 2016

sabuj@dweep is a very nice picnic spot near kolkata.good food is also available.the only thing lacking is toilet many visitors go there all the year round, there should be good toilet arrangements.moreover, when people stay there for such a long time.i sincerely request the authority to seriously look into the matter, and solve the problem very soon, since this is the picnic season.thank you

Guest Author: Aditi Basu22 Feb 2016

I have come from reliable source due to a problem from Sukharia Gram Panchayat who does not want a resort/Guest House at Sabuj Deep. Smt Dipa Banerjee pioneer of Mandermani/Biharinath/Baranti has been facing problem from Panchayat since 2014 though she started her work. God when these politicians of Bengal be liitle conscious that Tourism can change the economic condition of that place?

Guest Author: Sandip Bose02 Nov 2016

Sabuj Deeep is a great tourist destination and picnic spot in Hooghly. But people visit that place for day tour only because there is no accommodation for tourist. Smt Dipa Banerjee , pioneer of Mandermani/Biharinath/Baranti has purchased a land just beside new Jetti Ghat of Sabuj Deep and is eager to start her project. But unfortunately local Panchayat was not allowing to give permission for some unknown reason. However at last local Panchayat has been agreed to allow her to start her work i.e. a moderate resort for all kind of people. So the construction can start anytime now. I have also come to know that Smt. Banerjee desires to promote the entire area from Bansberia to Kalna as a tourist circuit.For further details one may feel free to contact 8017202499/033-69547111.

Guest Author: Swagato05 Nov 2016

Please inform at Sabuj deep, Can we get all kinds facilities like cooking vessels, Gas, Bason, Sabji, Meat, Fish, wine etc at the picnic spot or we can purchase from the outside Market all the requirements?
Please inform me, toilets are available there for ladies?

Guest Author: Anirban Das Gupta23 Jan 2017

Visited Sabuj Deep on January 2017 and felt that an accommodation is must for tourists in general. From site I came to know that one Resort have been constructing on the bank of the river by Smt Dipa Banerjee(8017202499) who is pioneer of Mandermani/Biharinath/Baranti. But visiting the place I came to know that the work could not be done for non-cooperation of local Panchayat. What an irony? Did our beloved "DIDI" knows this. Perhaps not and if she comes to know this hindrance from local Panchayat(obviously run by CPM), the situation could be different. However the silver lining is this that after much persuasion and waiting the work is going to be started from March/April 2017. I came to know that Smt Banerjee has planned a new tourist circuit for tourists which includes Hooghly Imambara/Bandel Church/Hanseswari-Ananta Basudev temple/ Devanandapur/Rajhat famous for Peacock/Hooghly Pandua/Sukharia/Guptipara/Kalna/Nabdwip/Mayapur along with Samudragar-Dhatrigram famous for Saree. Hope this project will start as early as possible and also urge to Government to look after that an unique initiative gets help not unnecessary hindrance.

Guest Author: Banerjee14 Mar 2017

Since November 2014 Smt Dipa Banerjee pioneer of Mandermani/Biharinath/Baranti is trying to construct a moderate Resortas also as a 'Picnic Spot on The Bank of river Ganga in her own property. But local Panchyat is hindering since then.Why? Did not they want any development in this area economically? When our respected Chief Minister is trying to give a new Look to the Sabuj Deep so that not only from our country but also foreign Tourists do visit this area. However after much persuasion local Panchyat has been agreed to allow construction in a portion of plot measuring nearly 1 Bigha. Let us hope that construction will resume from April on-wards and a portion of the newly built property may start from Puja 2017. For further inquiry one may feel free to call on 8017202499.

Guest Author: Raja Banerjee15 Mar 2017

The construction of First accommodation(moderate resort/Picnic spot) is likely to start from April 2017 after much hindrance. If local Panchayat would help previously, the accommodation could have been operational from Puja 2015. However better late than never. For this new Accommodation/Picnic spot on the Bank of River Ganga(besides New Jetty) of Sabuj Dweep if anyone interested may feel free to contact 8017202499.

Guest Author: Anindita Mukherjee23 Mar 2017

OMG, after a long battle and persuasion the construction of Sabuj Deep Tourist Point has begun. As per management there will be cottages(sagarika, Harano sur etc) as well as a Picnic spot for limited people. New Jetty of Sabuj Deep is just adjacent to the resort. I have learn that the resort will cater all sort of guests and will provide tour packages such as Bandle Church, Hooghly Pandua, Kalna, Nabadwip-Mayapur, et al. So this place will cater tourist through out the year. Moreover Resort Management decided to serve fresh fish from adjacent Ganga and fresh vegetable from field. You can visit here at the time of mango(Himsagar/Amrapali) or winter for Date juice. For further inquiry one may contact 8017202499.This property will be partially opened from Puja 2017.

Guest Author: Raja Banerjee19 Apr 2017

The good news is this that from today i.e 19.04.2017 the world of "Sabuj Dweep Tourist Point" has begun and some rooms are likely to be readily available from Puja 2017. Moreover, a Picnic Spot is going to be coming out in these premises. The location is just adjacent to new Jetty of Sabuj Dweep. Hope tourist will enjoy this place and suburbs to its full. Two circuits will come up as per authority:- 1) Hanseswari/Ananta Basudev temple--Bandel Church--Hooghly Mahasin Imambara--Rajhat for Peacock--Debanandapur for writer Sarat Chandra Chatterjee--Hooghly Pandua for historical relics (2) Sukhuria--Guptipara--Kalna--Nabadwip--Mayapur--Samudragarh

Guest Author: Adrija Banerjee01 Jun 2017

Yes, it is true that after waiting over two and half years and after much persuasion permission has been granted by local Panchayet and hence 'Sabuj Dweep Tourist Point'is coming up with a Resort and Picnic Spot in this Puja 2017. There will be rooms for stay at night, a good eatery, Children Play area, Car parking space, Travel help, cruise on river Ganga, etc. There will be two tourism circuits , Bandel and Kalna. Bandel Circuit:Bandel Church, Hanseswari/Ananta Basudev Temple, Hooghly Mahasin Imambara, Rajhat(for Peacock),Debanandapur for writer Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Mahanad for Shiva temple of Gupta period, Hooghly Pandua for historical relics. Kalna circuit: Sukhuria(old temples and shooting places for movies),Guptipara (renowned temples, Chariot is after Puri), Kalna(the temple town), Nabadwip, Mayapur, Samudra garh( famous for Tangail & Jamdani saree).

Guest Author: Dipanwita Basu14 Jun 2017

Construction is on full swing beside new jetty of Sabuj Dweep and on the bank of river Ganga. SABUJ DWEEP TOURIST POINT AND PICNIC SPOT(8017202499) is likely to open from Puja 2017. This property will offer A.C/Non A.C. rooms, Good eatery, Children play area, Car Parking space,Travel Help desk, Your own Picnic spot. In two tourism circuits: Bandel & Kalna where many new spots can be visited.

Guest Author: Anirban Das Gupta10 Jul 2017

Had been at Sabuj Dweep on first week of July 2017 to arrange office Picnic on December 2017. I came to know that usually Sabuj Dweep opens from middle of November for Picnic. I also came to know that a Resort+Picnic Spot is coming up just beside new jetty of Sabuj Dweep and likely to be operational from Puja 2017. I along with other colleagues visited the said place namely Sabuj Dweep Tourist Point(8017202499) and became sure that any office/Corporate Picnic can be arranged there privately. Beside there will be a Resort within budget of Middle class people.

Guest Author: Raja Banerjee08 Aug 2017

Hope that from this Puja 2017, tourists will be able to enjoy Sabuj Dweep,near Hooghly Balagarh in a different way. As there was no accommodation here people had to return home with a heavy heart. This pollution free area, over river Ganga, has many spots to visit but had no opportunity to stay for a day or two. After much persuasion and tenacity(due to non co-operation from local Panchayat) work of SABUJ DWEEP TOURIST POINT(8017202499) is in full swing and likely to start from Puja 2017. Tourist of Kolkata will get a chance to enjoy a great week end in his new spot which was famous for day visit.

Guest Author: Saroj Bhattacherjee24 Nov 2017

Can we get all kinds of facilities like cooking vessels, Gas, utensil, vegetable, Meat, Fish, wine etc at the picnic spot of Sabuj Deep or we can purchase from the outside Market all the requirements? Please inform me, toilets are available there for ladies and how to book a picnic spot in advance?

Guest Author: Raja Banerjee19 Dec 2017

Now SABUJ DWEEP TOURIST POINT, the first ever Resort and Private Picnic Spot has become operational and tourist will enjoy a great time here.

Guest Author: SUBHADIP SARKAR10 Mar 2018

Weekend stay facilities like cottages are there? What are the charges?

Guest Author: SN18 Dec 2020

Can someone please let us know, how to book a picnic spot here? We are not looking for accommodation or night stay

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