Useful Kannada Words for Tourists Visiting Karnataka

This article gives information on useful English-Kannada words while staying in Karnataka, India.

When you visit the State of Karnataka, you many find that not all locals are able to understand or speak English. This may create problems in communication.

This article is a ready reckoner of useful English-Kannada words for tourists staying in Karnataka.

English- Kannada Words At the Airport/Railway Station/Bus Stand:-

1. Please take me to – Nannna karedukondu Hogari
2. Please Help Me – Nanage Sahayya Madi
3. Please – Dayamadi
4. What is the time - Yen Time Aayatu?
5. Whom should I contact - Nanu yaranna samparkisabeku?
6. What should I do - Nanu yenu madabeku?

English- Kannada Words to Reach A Destination:-

1. I want to go to – Nanu Hoga Beku
2. Where is – Yelle?
3. Please tell me where to find this address – Ee Patte Yelle Huduka Beku
4. How much distance to go - Yestu doora hoghabheku?
5. I want to get down here – Naanu Ille Ilibeku
6. Stop – Nilli or Nindari Beku or Tadiri Beku
7. Go Forward – Munde Hogari
8. Go Ahead – Munde Hogari
9. Go Back – Tirgi Hinde Hogari
10. Where does this road go to – Idu Raste Yellege Hogutte?

English- Kannada Words for Introductions:-

1. How are you - Neenu heghiddhiya?
2. I am fine - Nanu chenaagiddeni
3. What is your name? - Nimma hesaru yenu?
4. My Name is - Nanna hesaru
5. Will you come with me? - Neenu nanna joteghe baaruthiya?

English- Kannada Words for General Usage:-

1. Please get me – Dayamadi Nange Kodi
2. I want – Nanage Beku
3. Thank you – Nimma Upakara
4. Goodbye – Valledu Namaskar
5. Come – Baa (also for you come)
6. Go – Hogu
7. Eat – Thinnu
8. Drink - Kudee
9. I – Nanu
10. You – Neenu
11. He – Avanu
12. She – Avalu
13. It – Adu
14. A – Vandu
15. This – Idu
16. That - Adu

English- Kannada Words for Shopping:-

1. What is the price of – Yeshtu Bele
2. What is the cost of _ Mula Bele Yeshtu
3. How much do I have to pay for – Nanu Yeshtu Kuda Beku
4. Where can I buy – Nanu Yelle Kwalu Beku
5. Where can I find – Nage Yelle Shigbeku

English-Kannada Words for Basic Provisions:-

1. A glass of water – Ondu Glass Nira
2. A bottle of water – Ondu Batli Nira
3. Milk – Halu
4. Bread – Rwati
5. Salt - Uppu
6. Vegetable - Tarakari

Directions in Kannada:-

1. Right - Balagade
2. Left - Yedagade
3. Front - Munde
4. Back - Hinde
5. Inside - Olage
6. Outside - Horage
7. East – Poorva
8. West - Pashchima
9. North - Uttara
10. South - Dakshina

Numbers in Kannada:-

1. One - Ondu
2. Two - Yeradu
3. Three - Mooru
4. Four - Naliku
5. Five - Aidu
6. Six - Aaru
7. Seven - Yelu
8. Eight - Yentu
9. Nine - Ombathu
10. Ten - Hathu

Acknowledgement:The author of this article would like to acknowledge the immense help given by a neighbour (Mrs.Phadnis)in compiling this list of useful Kannada words for tourists staying in Karnataka.


Guest Author: Roy George22 Jun 2010

Hi Vandana,
Karanatka is a state where there are so many people from other states of India and countries live. This article will be very helpful for those who doesn't know kannada. Keep posting such good articles.

Guest Author: Akanksha P.V10 Aug 2011

Mam, its a very useful article for the beginners and visitors.

Guest Author: 22 Nov 2011

Hi Vandana,

I find this article "Useful Kannada Words for Tourists Visiting Karnataka" to be very useful and the beginners of Kannada like me can very well learn the Karnataka's Language easily if you post such articles.

I would feel glad to see some of the articles like "Kannada Nouns with English Translation". It would be easier for the beginners like me to learn Kannada if articles like this is posted with the pictorial representations. A picture for the example of a Noun will help those who are not good at English also.

Can any Kannadaiga's write an article like this for me? I hope KSR members are mostly Kannadaiga's.

Guest Author: 03 Jan 2012

Hi Vandana,
This article is really useful for those who are visiting Karnataka, as well as for those non kannadiga's who are residing in Karnataka.

Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt27 Apr 2021 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

This is a very interesting article about basic words and phrases to manage communication in the Karnataka region. When we go to other places then many times language becomes a big barrier. There are so many languages and it is not practical to learn all of them. So, knowledge of some keywords of a language may be useful in certain places and one can manage with that bare minimum knowledge. I remember that when I had to live in Chennai for a few years I had problem doing daily shopping in the local market but soon I learnt a few words and the numbers from one to ten. That helped me to a great extent and I could do the daily shopping from the market there very conveniently.

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