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This artical gives you the information about Top Places to Visit Around Bengaluru

If you are in Bangalore and went on weekend trips here, they know that finding good destinations and trip planning is not an easy task.

Visit Weekend Getaway and 4 excursions from Bangalore in the next article. These destinations are all types of travelers - for lovers of adventure, family vacation, have fun with friends, biking and car .... you choose.

Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City is an amusement park located in Bidadi, about 50 km from Bangalore. This is a new theme park that came to Bangalore in 2008. Do not let the name fool you though.1111111

This theme park has attractions like a wax museum, the dinosaur museum, a special section called Cartoon Town for children, a mirror maze, 4D movies and more. Tickets are a bitexpensive even. You'll have to pay between R 300 - Rs 1000 per person depending on what the attraction you want to see inside. There are adequate food courts where you can lunch or take a bite.

If you want to spend a fun weekend with friends or family, innovative film city is worth a visit. Leave early and you can spend a whole day.
Duration: 1 hour
Approximate budget per person: R 500 - R 1000
Distance: 50 km,
Which route is: Bangalore - Mysore Highway
Getting there: bus, car, motorcycle,
road conditions: Good

Yelagiri Hills

This is a less popular hill station near Krishnagiri Town Bangalore-Chennai highway. It lies about 150 km from Bangalore and 250 km from Chennai.1

Yelagiri Hills is not a typical tourist destination, this site is intended for those who want to escape from the monotony of the regular city just relax for a couple of days. Station Hill has a height of 900 meters (about 3000 meters) and the climate is pleasant throughout the year.

The main attractions are a lake where you can browse Swamimalai - a trek of 3 km upstream takes you to a small temple and a panoramic view of the mountains. There are lots of hotels (many of those who call themselves as stations) in Yelagiri. Fares start at around Rs 400 and Rs 4000 goes for houses. Book at least one week in advance. The hotels are crowded during the weekends and holidays.
Duration: 1-2 days
Approximate budget per person: R 1000 - R 2000
Getting there by car, taxi, bus and train (or until Jolarpettai Tirupattur)
Road condition: Good

Hogenakkal Falls

Literally means smoking rocks Hogenakkal (Tamil). Falls are a large number of small waterfalls that make up the beauty. Hogenakkal is situated in Dharmapuri district and is about 120 km from Bangalore. Perfect for a day trip, you can drive here on a Saturday and a day off to relax.1111111111111111111111111111111

The most popular activity in Hogenakkal is massage with hot oil. For about 50 rupees, local masseuses give a 5-minute body massage. Although it seems faster, this short duration is sufficient to loosen the tight spaces in your body. After the massage, a quick shower under the waterfall is considered therapeutic.

You can also take a ride on the famous theppa or coracle boat that takes you across the river Kaveri to form Hogenakkal falls. You can also try the local specialties of fried fish, paniyaram (rice cakes) or polished (Indian sweet).

Remaining options are minimal in Hogenakkal. Hotel Tamilnadu, operated by the Department of Tourism Tamilnadu, is the only one worthy of the city. During the tourist season (September-January) may be necessary to book in advance. You can also stay in Dharmapuri where the options are better to stay. Dharmapuri is situated 50 km from Hogenakkal.
Duration: 1 - 2 days
budget per person: Rs 1000,
this route: Bangalore - Krishnagiri highway (Chennai) - Dharmapuri Road conditions: Good


Shivanasamudra (sometimes called Shimsha falls) resides in a couple of beautiful waterfalls and neighbors Talakadu preserve its history in the form of submerged temples. Located about 150 km from Bangalore and about 70 km from Mysore and Shivanasamudram and Talakadu is popular picnic sites and weekends. You are here taking turn after Maddur path that goes Kollegal.41

Shivanasamudram Falls split into two separate notes and falls Gaganachukki Bharachukki. Shivansamudram Karnataka is also the site of the first hydroelectric project. Both the position of the river waters Friends height of 90 meters.

In addition to the falls of two, you can enjoy Bharachukki because it can be reached by a ladder near the tomb, while the tomb Gaganachukki is out of bounds. You can bathe in the waterfalls and spend time playing in the pond near the tomb. The falls are located about 5 km between them. During the monsoon season, the falls are in full activity and present a magnificent spectacle.
Duration: 1 - 2 days
Approximate budget / person: Rs 1000 - Rs 2000
How to reach: by cars, taxis, buses. Private transport is the best option
Road condition: From Bangalore - Maddur, you will find excellent roads.


Talakad is about 20 km from Shivanasamudram is located in the famous temples, it is believed that arise once in 12 years. Buddy is situated on the river is now a popular picnic addition to the pilgrimage center. The Hoysala temples built Talakadu, who was a staunch supporter of a series of Lord Shiva. Five Shiva temple built in honor of the god. The fairs are organized every 12 years to honor the Lord. The fair last of which took place in 2006. It also folklore Talakad been cursed to change the mass of sand woman named Alamelamma, 16 century.


You can visit Shivanasamudram first, then come and see the temples and Talakadu go swimming or just relaxing in the water. The water is shallow, but there are weeds and sharp stones that some may find irritating. Soak up the sun here and return to Bangalore.

There are no good restaurants in Talakadu. You should bring your lunch and have Talakad. You'll find lots of monkeys around, but you can eat if people take turns to keep the monkeys. You can fix Talakadu and Shivanasamudram on a journey of two days - a day at the bird sanctuary near Srirangapatna Ranganathittu and the next day here.

On the way back you will find a good amount of restaurants and dhaba outside the highway Maddur. You can stop here for dinner when I come to Bangalore
Duration: 1 - 2 days
Approximate budget / person: Rs 1000 - Rs 2000
How to reach: by cars, taxis, buses. Private transport is the best option
Road condition: From Bangalore - Maddur, you will find excellent roads.

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