Top 10 Online Cab Booking Websites to Book Your Cab Cheaper

Looking for the best online cab booking website? Here in this article, you can read about top 10 online cab booking websites to book your cab cheaper.

Nowadays, everyone is running. From homes to offices, to gyms, to homes back, or to some other places; it seems that the world has become a constant action pitch on which everybody is running all the time. In such scenarios when your life depends a lot on commuting and travelling, you cannot grab just any vehicle as it cannot only prove harmful for your budget but also for your life. The drivers may not drive safe, or charge you more or land you up in some trouble. Therefore, we have come up with the list of Top 10 Online Cab Booking Websites which will help you to not only book cheaper cabs but also to travel safely.
Top 10 Online Cab Booking Websites

Benefits of booking your cabs from registered services:

The cab services that are registered cannot err and escape. They can be tracked and charged with.
The cases of duping or harming travellers are near to zero for the registered cab services.
They offer you perks too if you are their long term customer.
Now, the Top 10 list is as follows:

Uber Cabs

Uber cab -Online Cab Booking Services

Uber cab service has established itself as the cheapest and easily available cab service giant and has tons of sparkling testimonials speaking for it. The service started as the website and has launched the app too. As per the customer reviews, the Uber Cabs ensure that the customers travel safely, sound, in good condition vehicle and reach in time to their destinations without burning holes in their pockets.

Uber Website:

The website itself is very easy to use and has answers to all of your queries. Lots of options to customize your rides and availability to make payments via a number of online platforms; makes the website even more attractive to the users.

Ola Cabs

Ola cabs -Online Cab Booking Services

Rising as another cab service giant in the metropolitan cities, Ola Cabs have grabbed a huge customer market. The quality of the cabs is good but not better than Uber, but that doesn't matter much. The fare is, however, cheaper than even an autorickshaw.
Ola cabs have one major plus point that no criminal incident has been reported till now which is related to them. However, some incidents in the past regarding Uber have surfaced.


You will be required to 'Sign Up' and based on the availability of the promo codes, you will be allotted some Ola Money. These promotional offers are frequently released which attract the customers.
A number of options are available such as Ola Mini, Sedan etc. The fares can be paid using cash, credit or debit cards.

Meru Cabs

Meru cabs -Online Cab Booking Services

The total number of vehicles owned by Meru in India is 6000 (approx) but the quality of service is a bit debatable. The inability of some of the drivers to use or understand the GPS etc. makes the ride questionable if you are a new person in the city.

The website is easy to use and the users are allowed to make payments in different modes. The Meru Cab Service also allows the carpooling which is a plus point.

Easy Cabs

Easy cabs -Online Cab Booking Services

Easy cabs are also a good cab service and the charges for the first few kilometres are dearer. Once the cab has covered the first 3 Km, the fares are dropped. The charges for waiting are less as compared to the other ones. The cabs are in good condition, driven by professional drivers and are safe for women too.
The website is easy to use, can be used to customize the drives and offers a myriad of options for the users.

savaari cabs -Online Cab Booking Services

The is an indigenous cab service which ranges from good to average. The fares can be paid as on the basis of hours too. The payment can be done electronically too and e-receipts will be given after the payments. The cabs are new and the drivers are professional. The punctuality is ensured.

Websites can be used to book the cabs, though the booking can be done by calling too. There are no waiting charges and toll charges like other cab services.

Tab Cabs

Tab cabs -Online Cab Booking Services

The Tan Cabs service is average but the fares are high. As per the customer reviews, the Tab Cabs are good for the corporate bookings and bulk bookings. The fares become considerably high for the individual bookings. The waiting charges are very high.

The website is an average one with basic options and functionality. The overall service is mediocre and the payment of the fares can be done in cash only.

Mega Cabs

Mega cabs -Online Cab Booking Services

Mega Cabs are also expensive and are comparable to the Meru Cabs when it comes to the fares. The fares are not standard and vary from city to city. The cabs range from good to average. Waiting charges are dear and the cabs are not that safe for the women. Payments can be done in cash as well as credit or debit.

The website has the basic functionality of cab booking, cancelling, payment and other such options. User experience is kind of good.

Wings Radio Cabs

Wings Radio Cabs -Online Cab Booking Services

They are not much popular with the users and is a relatively lesser used and less popular service. The waiting charges are expensive and the users will also have to pay service tax too. There is no app for the cab booking service.

Taxi For Sure

Taxi For Sure -Online Cab Booking Services

Taxi For Sure is an otherwise good cab with just a flaw that the cab may not show up owing to the lesser number of vehicles and lots of bookings. Hence, it is important that you double check the booking to ensure that the driver on his way to you. The fares are reasonable and cheaper than Easy Cabs and Meru.
Payments can be done in cash as well as via Debit or Credit Cards.

Cel Cabs

Cel Cabs -Online Cab Booking Services

Cel Cabs are also good for the corporate or bulk bookings and are not as good as the other cab services. The fares are expensive and no app is available. The payment can be done in cash only.

The website is available and offers all the basic functionalities for booking cabs. The payment will be however in cash only.

Final Analysis

The best ones in terms of service and fares are Ola Cab Service and Uber Cab Service.
The mid-level cab services are Meru Cabs, Easy Cabs, and
Cab services with expensive fares and average services are Taxi For Sure, Cel Cabs, Tab Cabs and Mega Cabs.

Have your pick..!!


Guest Author: Haroon16 Jun 2016

Thanks for providing an informative article about online cab booking services. very glad to know which is best in terms of fare. Surely, am going for Ola but before booking it I just want to know one thing. Any fare variations will be there when we switch city to city from available rate ?
Hope you will answer me soon !!!

Guest Author: Arun Vinod16 Jun 2016

Thanks, it is a great comprehensive review about online cab booking services. You have done an excellent comparison. I think ola cabs is the best choice to travel, they are providing good service at a cheap rate.

Guest Author: Manisha16 Jun 2016

I am planning to visit Kerala next month. Can you tell me which is the cheapest and reliable cab service in Kerala? I will be coming with my family including small kids. So I want to make sure I get some new cars which expects to have no mechanical problems in the way.

Guest Author: MyAlwar21 Jun 2016

Thanks Jishnu for the wonderful list of 10 online cab booking websites to book cheaper cabs. Comparison between cabs and their services concept of yours is great for customers like us, to choose which one is best for us :)

Guest Author: Manish Mohanty27 Jun 2016

Oh this list is very useful. but, how is fastrack call taxi? I happen to call them while in Chennai and within 1 minute their call taxi reached mylapore. i was dropped in Chennai central in a Xylo MUV. The service is good, but no discounts. may i know wheder uber and ola available in rural areas around cities like chennai?

Guest Author: Fern04 Aug 2016

Hello, thanks for the list, this will really helpful for visitors. I think you have missed one more reliable cab booking website and that is mygoastay. I think it is one of the top 10 online cab booking websites to book the cab cheaper.

Guest Author: Cabs Booking Offers27 Sep 2016

It is your blog that brings me a lot of knowledge about travel service. It is a great comprehensive review about online cab booking services. Thanks for sharing the list of cab booking websites. I travel often and it is sometimes hard to find the right tax company in many tourist places.

Guest Author: ezi19 Oct 2016

Very interesting blog. It is a great comprehensive review about top 10 online cab booking services. Thanks for sharing. For more information about Cab services in Bangalore & Chennai, please visit

Guest Author: Khan Lateef03 Jan 2017

Hello one more online cab booking service is missing they also provide cheaper cab services in Hyderabad they provide the best service for Airport Transfer and Local usage in Hyderabad Airport Cabs Hyderabad and their contact number is 040-22332233 I have used their service and my friends also satisfied with their service.

Guest Author: Susmitha13 Mar 2017

First time we booked Innova cab from Bangalore to Ooty using Beecabs online cab booking website. Got a confirmed message through mail and SMS. This is the easy online cab booking system from anywhere places in India. 24 Hours Beecabs Customer support team is very professional and helpful. They arranged a cab for me on right time. Pay to driver option is also available. Cab was very neat and clean. Driver was well experienced and knowledgeable. We went to all sightseeing places. Very Memorable Trip. Thanks.

Guest Author: Ashwini27 Sep 2018

Wonderful blog post about online cab booking services!!! Even we didn’t know about all those things you’ve written in your blog. Thanks for helping us to improve our services. We provide cab services to all the places you mentioned in a affordable prices

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