The Hot Water Springs in Vajreshwari

The hot water springs in Vajreshwari are known to have medicinal properties. Read on.

There are around 21 hot water springs all around Vajreshwari temple. As per the legends, the hot water flowing through these springs is nothing but the blood of the demons slain by the goddess Vajreshwari herself.

Devotees who visit this place refer the hot water springs as Kundas, and consider the bathing in this water holy and sacred. The name of these hot water springs are also based on the names of the various Hindu deities, including Surya (sun), Chandra (moon), Vayu (wind), Agni (fire), Rama (Lord Rama), Sita (Lord Rama's wife) ad Laxmana (Lord Rama's brother).

Though hot water springs are not clearly defined, they overall relate to the natural spring water with water temperature a bit above than the surroundings. The water of the hot spring is said to have heated due to the heat inside the earth's interiors.

This phenomenon is known as the geothermal phenomenon. Basically the temperature of the rocks in the interiors of the earth increases with the increasing depth. The water that comes in contact with such rocks gets heated up and thus the water gets hot in the hot springs.

The water of such hot springs are said to have medicinal properties. With additional mineral contents than the normal water these hot spring waters are held for therapeutic usage. According to the scientists, the water in the Vajreshwari hot water springs is hot due to the concurrence of these waters to the former volcanic eruption in this area.

The hot water springs in Vajreshwari are said to be rich in sulphur contents; which makes it ideal for medicinal usage. Hence people from many parts of India, visit this place to bathe in this water springs. These hot water springs are believed of curing out all the skin ailments.

The hot springs stretch out around 7 km finally into the river Tansa. The temperature of these hot water springs is around 43 degrees to 49 degrees centigrade. The peculiar, Kothawala baths have facility of complete exclusive bathing for people in private. There are provisions of even long tubs and showers here.


Guest Author: Anand07 Dec 2011

A trip to Ganeshpuri and Vajreshwari is a true one-day outing/picnic that Mumbaikars need, and it is so much fun during the monsoons when the drive itself is very pleasant through lush green avenues. And what could be more fun soaking in the hot water of the hot spring, by the Tansa river, while the sky drizzles cool water on you! Some photos of Vajreshwari at

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