A Rare Himalayan Amphibian: Ridley Frog

Read about recent spotting of Ridley frog species in Naini Hills in Uttarakhand. Also know how successfully scientists relocated Ridley frogs which once commonly found in hilly regions across India.

It is a general belief that the specimen like Ridley Frogs had been vanished from sight since 2 decades in the upper Shivalik and Lower Shivalik in such regions, so their rare sightings in Naini hills is very unique for scientists who visiting this place in 2016.

In this article It shall be discussed, thus, How Ridley frogs are relocated, what's their scientific view and in what way there are new expectations of new colony settlement for such Rare Specimen of The Amphibian species, which used to found in large numbers once in hilly areas of India.

Ridley frogs in Naini Hills, Nainital

The tourists have been very active in the hills every time, when they plan their visits to the hills, which not only hide some beauties of it's own, but It also procure some rare animal species, which wish to execute their own identity in the proliferation of these hills. Naini hills are some of the most visited hill sights in Nainital, they not only hold treasure of rare species but they also possess a kind of natural glory, which people can't forget for long.

However, if the Naini hills had attracted the local public sphere to establish around, it has also hidden some very rare species, which were once accepted to be lost or extinct from the hill sights in India
The Ridley frogs are one of those rare species of Amphibians, who shall be discussed in this article
These frog species were once used to found from Western Ghats to the upper Shivalik Range in Punjab and Himachal pradesh, but today they are only left in very few places of those sightings, where they once used to exist themselves.

These frog species had a unique role in the food chain, because they were not only enormous relief of food search for regional Hill kites, but they were also having their role to carry on with another frog species, which used to known as Giant Alorchians, or Snowball Alorchians. The recent sightings of the rare species of Ridley frogs might further help on the search of the other two species mentioned in the introductory lines.

But here in this article, the scientific expectations in regard to the Ridly Frogs shall only be discussed, that how rare they are and in what way a scientific view is being created once they are being searched with their proper colony sightings in the further search by Scientists. The Zoologists of the hills have a general belief that the morphological developments or the migration for these frog species had been based on the course of the lack of snow that took place at the end of 2015, thus their shifts from the lower flanks of upper Shivalik was made possible.

Scientific view about Ridley Frogs

It's a general belief that the Himalayan Red Ridley Frogs are rarest of those, which were sighted in 1990s when the existence rate was already touching the mark for these frogs. They were not only hunted for their skin, but they were also under a notification of hunting for the poachers, who wished to have long-breed business of Snakes in the zoos, but also at the high sight signature on the hunting, due to the disillusion for the hunters.

However in recent years, Scientists have been differently debating their existence in the range of Uttarakhand, specially at the Indo-China border regions in Uttarakhand, but they are shockingly shifting their position, as they are found by scientists in Naini hills in 2016. Once again, The scientists have considered it of great importance that a rare amphibian like Red Ridley frog has been sighted in high breed in the forests of Naini hills in the mid May-June research confrontation, thus they are going to play a unique role in counting of their vanishing species.

The scientists are confirmed about the position of these small species while they are also considered due to their rare sighting that certain ideologues or theories profound behind vanishing sight of Red Ridley Frog or (Emendilicua Gua Amendus) are going to change in coming recent days, which might help in relocating of their mostly rare species, that is to be 'Giant Ridley frog'.

However this rare amphibian known as 'Ridley frog' is being unique in the hilly areas all across India, Scientists believed that it's location in the hills is going to prove a unique methodology itself. It shall not only locate the possibility of urgent shifts for these frog species as well as their rare sighting is going to be a great delight for Hill zoologists, who work in field of locating small wild breeds across the hills in this state which will help in confidence boosting in them.

While they believed that they might not witness such small wild species especially after horrific fire burst, they might feel better after what has been seen in minor quantities in context of Ridley frogs that were witnessed in early year itself.

New home sights of Ridley frogs at Naini Hills

People have been regularly in alert in the high monsoon rains to take their children properly at home some of them have been fearful whether heavy rocks might fall. The land slide is on the role now, as the new home sites are being searched for certain small wild animals. However there is a strange settlement going on between the common reptiles found in the hills as well as the Amphibians, which are located in Naini Hills recently. It is finally recommended that the ridley frog going to stay at this monsoon sight due to the water shifts in waterfall taking place in Monsoon rains in the hills of Nainital. They are not being properly located within the low range of the Naini Lake, for which this whole city is famous for.

However they are located at upper Naini waterfall, they had been also located between the slope mountain ranges and the Scientists are going to start to reconcile the idea that Ridley frogs might be contained to themselves with new home settlements with their reproduction seasons coming nearer to their presence in hills.

As the scientists have suggested in Nainital range that the Ridley frogs have search a new relocated habituate due to their underground migration in the hills, it might be probable that some animals of the species might have to face open encounter with public platforms which are generally human made, yet Ridley frogs seems to be in better conditions than their past suggests in these hill locations.

One strange sight has however made some of scientists and zoologist curious in the concept of the Ridley frogs, the scientist did have notice that they are observed to be located in slope holes near the waterfalls at upper ranges and thus the species' animals are very close to be danger in direct contact with human colonies and fear of attack as well.

Meanwhile the local officials of forest have convinced that the Ridley frog like rare species shall be under close watch, there is hardly evidence that this new home sight is not dampened by their position.

There is no quest that this rare species might live under pressure of danger and survival, However as the progress is in proper and reproduction season approaches for the Ridley frogs, we can expect a better sight for this rare endangered species.

Yet who knows their new location might help them to get out of the Red Book and become a better local Amphibian breed in coming years, so the hill station like Nainital could be proudly speak that it at least helped in the survival of one rare Amphibian species at large.


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