A Remarkable Seminar in Agra about Architecture

Read the interesting visit to Agra to attend a seminar on History of Architecture by the author.

When I woke on 1st of August in Agra, wrapped in a sleeping bag and feeling strange and unfamiliar to myself. I suddenly remember the previous night whereas after a tired journey from Bus stations to Bus stations and after reaching around 11 in nights in Agra, I was unusually tired myself. However, It wasn't my gesture, but I felt that I might b elate for the seminar, Which was very beneficial once I had done with registration around 8 in the morning to attend the seminar on History of Architecture in Agra myself.

A Trip to Agra

My mission was to present a research paper in the seminar which shall be informative on the steps the present central government had taken in the field of remains of Architectural monuments in India. I had to mention the role these monuments play for our nation, how they are different at various different geographical ranges in India and how the present Indian government take interests in the same.

Morning Session

I had a strong feeling that The morning session was going to be great, As I had known that It shall be taken into charge by Distinguished Professors from other parts of India, I was expecting it to be a nice experience already. However, I was also feeling little strange about My paper, But relief came very quickly in face of Organisers, As I was told of it's later commencement, Thereby Before I could prepare completely on how to sum up my paper, I was notified that it shall be done in Evening session and I can listen to other Distinguished Speakers themselves in the Central Court hall of the Organised Platform. thereby I got the entertainment of listening to Dr. Pratap Chakravarti and C. B. Louise from Modern School of Architecture, who both impressed upon the fact that Present Indian government has it's investment benefits while looking to these monumental forts, turrets, towers and other buildings across India itself.

Meanwhile, while listening to both, I made comments by questioning them about the policies obtained by the Government for securing these monumental buildings in India, which turned out to be a nice little session itself. Finally, the bell for the Lunch had rung, the corridors were busy with students of the local college and I was told by the organisers that Now the Research paper proceedings will continue after lunch session in the Afternoon itself.

Afternoon session

Once, we were all fed with delicious cooking arranged by the organisers for the seminar, The academic environment went back to it's general proceedings, Where I had started getting nervous for my presentation. I came to know that there were three separate ways of illegally creating an Architectural building, as well as they had all occurred in 1908 against the British. One another presenter explained how the Present Indian government stressing about social disorder around the lifestyle in relativity to these monumental stretches across India. Then, The Sweet voice of the presenter finally called my name, It was around 4 o clock, so I can presume it to be Evening, so I get up to present my paper at last.

A Chance to grab

I had been preparing few days beforehand to justify my statement for policies in relation to the Central Government, As far the Monuments in History is concerned, so I had no problems in regarding to its virtual debates. My main feature was to justify whether the Rights to distribute social reforms around the cores of these monuments by the Government is necessary or it contains their self.sufficiency which was the key highlight.

I expressed the Central Government's efforts in consent of investment for reappearance, social mobility and cultural fraternity of these monuments with contradictions by Sociologists and Historians of Modern India, which was an interesting fact at large.
At large, I was very delighted to hear the comments on my Paper by the responding Scholars which made me feel bit relaxed, I answered their queries and went back to my place, feeling that this might be the chance which I had grabbed with both hands at last.

The Seminar ends - Conclusion

All in all, it was a great experience for me to attend that History Seminar in Agra, as the evening progressed, we enjoyed Tea and Agra's Petha (A nice sweet dish), whereas we kept sharing new views forming in same topic we had discussed in the Seminar. The distinguished historians were awarded memento for joining and listening to our papers at all, Their ideological advises kept looming while they were receiving the awards, But I realised that I have to do long research in field of Architecture, when I was coming out from the conference hall, so I felt this seminar was a great help for the same. I went back to the place I had camped on the early morning, I took my luggage from here, Then acknowledged all support and help of those who had cooperated with me on the seminar leaving the place and with one swift smile and a nod, I had come out from the place for the Return journey to my home. Their word kept coming to me in my mind while the bus journey, Their appreciations and queries kept popping in mind and As I travelled along, All in all, I was thrilled to experience such a Remarkable seminar for myself as a History student of the past.


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