How to choose the best digital marketing agency for resorts, hotels and homestays

Are you looking for a reliable digital marketing agency with proven track record for promoting your resort, hotel or homestay? Learn more about SpiderWorks Digital Marketing Agency, which specializes in marketing and promoting hospitality businesse.

The marketing team of any hospitality business have several options including partnering with travel agencies, advertising in travel magazines, signing up with Online Travel Agencies (OTA) etc. According to the statistics, 75% of the travel booking happens through online travel booking sites like TripAdvisor, etc. Even within those high profile booking sites, people don't blindly book a resort or hotel. Instead, your potential client will search for reviews in Google and make sure the resort they are going to book is suitable for them. That's where the role of a digital marketing company become crucial in the marketing for a resort.

If you choose a wrong digital marketing company, it can not only make you lose your potential clients but it can spoil the future of your business by casting a wrong brand image for your resort. For example, consider a digital marketing agency that somehow wants to prove that they can bring you a lot of visitors quickly. To show that they are successful, they can follow a lot of wrong practices that will hurt your business in the long run.

Consider this scenario. You are running a farm cottage with a homestay license. A typical homestay business has a couple of rooms, basic amenities but the minimum staff. There won't be big facilities like travel desk, staff on call, bell desk, valet parking etc. But a digital marketing company which somehow wants to bring a lot of customers may showcase the homestay as a resort and promote it well on the internet by making wrong claims. It's quite easy to publish misleading claims and hide the facts from people. By making the people believe that yours is an excellent property with facilities similar to a resort, a potential client may choose your property for his vacation stay. Now imagine what happens when the person arrives and see your property? He must be expecting a resort with welcome desk, lobby, travel desk, valet parking and so on. Even if you have an excellent homestay, by setting the wrong expectations, you are going to make your guest terribly upset on the very first moment of arrival. It won't take much time before the word spread in the travel booking sites in the form of negative reviews and your business is going to be hurt very soon. is using the digital marketing services by SpiderWorks Technologies, an Indian digital marketing company with over 10 years of excellent track record in digital marketing services. We are extremely happy with the progress our travel website has made in last 2 years with the help of SpiderWorks. Learn more about them at

How to choose the best digital marketing agency for resorts

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is the tough challenge for many resort owners. Here are some points you may consider to identify a good digital marketing agency:

1. Contact other successful resort and homestay owners. Ask which agency they are using. Sometimes you may not be able to get right information if you contact your competitors in your market. So, it is better you contact the resort owners in some other region where they don't feel you are a competitor for them. Just ask which company is doing digital marketing for their resort and ask their feedback.

2. Search for "digital marketing agencies in <your region>" in Google. Shortlist a few of them and do a detailed study of their success stories.

3. Sometimes, you can look at the bottom of resort and hotel websites. See if the name of their digital marketing agency is listed at the bottom of their website.

4. When you contact the digital marketing agencies, ask their successful cases. Ask how many resorts and hotels they are doing the digital marketing for. Ask for some references. If they refuse to give you the contact number of the resorts for which they are doing the marketing, that gives a wrong signal. If you manage to get a phone number of the resorts, contact them directly and ask their feedback about the digital marketing services offered by the company.

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SpiderWorks Technologies - a digital marketing agency for resorts, hotels and homestays

SpiderWorks team has been in running websites since the time Google was incorporated. With their extensive experience in marketing resorts, hotels and homestays, they have been successfully promoting Some of the key advantages of SpiderWorks Technologies:

1. Founder of SpiderWorks, Mr Tony John, who is also the founder of, has extensive experience in marketing websites, especially travel and hospitality websites. Some of their most successfully promoted websites include, which receives over 1 Lakh pages PER DAY.

2. They are already running a few travel related websites, so it's easy for them to promote and market resorts and hotels.

3. They have proven track record of promoting hotels and resorts. You can contact them and ask for references.

4. Their rates are very reasonable and affordable. Some digital marketing agencies charge Rs 25,000/- to Rs 75,000/- per month for marketing hotels and resorts. Rates for search engine optimization (SEO) services offered by SpiderWorks starts from Rs 10,000/-, which is one of the most affordable rates in the industry.

5. Goal based billing is available. This is one of the few companies which are ready to link their billing rates to the goals. You can set the traffic and revenue goals and they will charge portion of their billing only if the targets are achieved. (I personally suggest you do not link billing with targets and goals because sometimes digital marketing companies may go for black hat methods to achieve short term goals but those will hurt your business in the long term.)

Contact details:

Phone: +91 94955 59690

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