The Deccan Queen showing the Beauty of amazing nature

I had an unforgettable journey to Mumbai CST from Pune by The Deccan Queen train. Which showed me how beautiful our nature is, what people are missing in their life, how busy we are to be at peace. I just felt to share the incredible experience of couple of hours written in the train with a beautiful girl and a perfect song of Rehman sir...

Few days ago had an amazing journey to CST by DECCAN QUEEN. I just felt to share the experience...

The Deccan Queen

This morning is great. Usually I waste the time by sleeping till 7 in the morning but today I woke up early with the first beep of alarm, got freshen up, dressed up well, packed bag n got out of the home. I really thought that i could not make it but I did manage to catch the train deccan queen. On the way to Pune station I realised that each second of the day matters man..!
I Entered into the train and Instead of seating I decided to stand at the door 'coz I have heard so much about the 'haseen wadiya' of lonavada. This is the time to experience it. Yes, yes, there's a girl in the train and she is right beside me. I didn't get d reason why her face was behind d scarf at 7:15 in d morning but I got a glimpse of her mobile's wallpaper. That's damn cute..!
At Lonavala station the crowd in the train increased. There the girl in the scarf has adjusted herself at the middle door of our coach while I was at the main door.
As expected the marvelous scenes were appearing. The deccan queen has entered inside the mesmerizing nature. That was a cloud about to collapse on the top of the hill. Raindrops started increasing with the speed of the train.
Waterfalls running down the hills look so ravishing. The queues of green hills are so eye pleasant. All clouds are eager to hug the tall hills. And the scarf bounded face was increasing my eagerness. Is that face beautiful?
In the loving embrace of nature I was living the aroma of that green n white environment. A melodious song composed by Rehman sir in my playlist 'ye haseen wadiya ye khula aasman' has made the journey perfect. Every time the deccan comes out of the tunnel that shows mind blowing scenes. I paused the song till the end of the tunnel. As soon as the train comes out of the tunnel I pressed play button, my earphones played a superb background score for the superb location of clouds, hills, waterfalls, 'meri jaan-e-jaan main teri chandani, chhed do tum aaj koi pyar ki raaginiii..' I know I have no girl with me neither any friend nor any from the family. That time I realised that some moments u can enjoy individually. U don't need anybody to complete the circle when u know that yourself is the center. My mind got congruent with the harmony of nature. I've seen lots of cool scenes on screen, heard a lot about it. But I m actually seeing this, feeling the fresh air touching my face. That's remarkable.
People use newspaper to read but I demanded it from uncle next to me to write on it as it wasn't easy to type this long in mobile diary app. I read it's front page. What a contradiction! Beautiful nature scenario is in front and news about GST n Rio Olympic is in hand.
I got quiet philosophical too. How busy we people are n how hectic our lives are. We've becoming machines in the rounds of tightly scheduled weeks, months, years. Our mind is mostly occupied with thoughts, plans, desires, questions and perceiving answers, dwelling in past, worrying for future and what about present? Certain meditation? Why our mind is not like these pair of birds bathing in rain lost in the caring arms of nature who s not at all in any competition. Why our confidence is not strong n unshakeable like these rigid hills. Why our attitude is not flexible like these clouds.?
Wow!! That scarf has gone now. She just removed it. Green Salwar kamij white chudidar, fair face, big black eyes, dark eyebrows n eyelashes, long unbounded hairs. Damn! She is more beautiful than her wallpaper. No artificial make up n all. Her simple pretty face was glowing in the pale light of early morning. Nature's serenity appearing on her fresh face. Simplicity itself is a beauty. I didn't want to talk with her or to have a coffee with her. She was looking at the magical environment while I kept looking at her looking..
She stopped her journey at Dadar station n the Deccan took me to CST. This Deccan journey is really unforgettable for me. The clouds, tall green hills, waterfalls n their designs all are gorgeous and yes that girl too! I wish I get such amazing journey again onwards..
Anyways then I went to my uncle's house. Had a good time. Next day attended vastu function then had a hurry to come back to Pune as so much work was pending. Hence preparing my bag n asked my younger cousin to check out the return train from CST. She s in 7th std n so tech savvy having latest apps in her smart phone.
When I was at her age i used to read Raj comics in a corner of my home. I just told her to search for a train to Pune. My shoeless were done n I picked my bag up on my shoulder.
She said,'' there's a train at 5:10 pm''
I asked her the name of that train.
She replied,''..DECCAN QUEEN..!!!''




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