Baby Safe Natural Mosquito Repellent for visitors to India

Are you planning to visit India but worried about mosquitos? Learn more about a recommended baby safe natural mosquito repellent, that will give you peace of mind during your stay in India.

Likely to travel to India anytime soon? Wary about mosquito bites that India is very notorious about? Not to worry at all when you have baby safe Good Knight mosquito repellents to fight the shrewdest of mosquitoes. Learn here about the various Good Knight products and how they will be effective in making your stay in India pleasant and free from mosquito bites.

Like most tropical countries tackling mosquito bites whether in the open or within the four walls of your hotel rooms is always a big issue with visitors touring India. Tourists and foreigners are often wary about visiting India or its neighbourhood simply because of the menace of mosquitoes. It's not the stinging bites alone that one has to deal with, but along with the bites, there's also the risk of acquiring dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya and a few more. So if you are visiting India you have to be doubly sure that you have full protection against these winged creatures that are very much fond of preying on human blood.

To fight off the menace of mosquitoes and provide everyone with a mosquito-free surrounding, a number of mosquito repellent companies have set up shop in the country. Good Knight is the best known among them and is into the business of manufacturing mosquito repellents for a long time. In many of the categories, it has been the first to introduce the product, like the Good Knight Mat introduced in 1984. The Fast Card is also the first of its kind in the country. The brand value of Good Knight is so very popular that in India it is synonymous with peaceful sleep or slumber. Children love it and the elders adore it. Good Knight has a range of electric and non-electric products that are very much effective in fighting the menace of mosquito bites in a variety of environments. The company has been very innovative in coming up with products that can be used in different ways. Some of its best-known products are listed below.

  • Good Knight Active+

    Active+ System is an electronic device that uses a liquid repellent to fight off the insects and keep them a safe distance away from your living quarters. This is one of the best products from Good Knight that ensures complete protection to your family while sitting in the living room with guests or taking a good night sleep in your bedroom.

  • Good Knight Patches

    These are very innovative products that can be put on your clothing whenever you are going out for a stroll or your little one has to play in the garden. For 8 hours, it effectively keeps the mosquitoes away from the kids and from you. They are very safe to be worn by children of all ages as they are loaded with the goodness of natural oils. They are very simple to use.

  • Good Knight Fabric Roll-on

    Similar to the patches the Fabric Roll-on is a wonderful baby safe product. Simply apply 4 dots on your clothes and you are protected for 8 hours. For infants just put dots on the pram, cot or stroller.

  • Good Knight Fast card

    Another innovative product from the stables of Good Knight that ensures all-round protection to your family. These are non-electric in nature. Light them in every corner of the room and the mosquitoes will be fast disappearing away.

  • Good Knight Coils

    A range of coils is available from the Low Smoke Coil to Maha Jumbo and Lavender – Jasmine Coils. These are again non-electric solutions and can be used inside as well as outside your rooms.

There are other electronic solutions with Good Knight. Just like Active+ System, Good Knight Express and Silver Power are also very popular with the consumers. Good Knight thus endeavours to provide every family with uninterrupted happy moments free from worries about mosquito bites. The popularity of Good Knight repellents in India is itself an indication towards technologically superior products from the company.

By using Good Knight products you can erase all the negative experiences that you might have experienced while visiting some of the tropical countries because of the mosquito menace. Here in India, you won't have any such issues as long as you are using products made by Good Knight. Good Knight can guarantee a pleasant stay in India just on the strength of its products. The patches, roll-ons or the liquid repellents; each one of its products is capable of protecting you and your family in the most hostile of environments. So when in India have a good night sleep with Good Knight keeping guard for you and your loved ones.

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Author: Ravi Agrawal15 Apr 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Good Knight and All-out have launched various mosquito repellent products for the welfare of people for total eradication of mosquito related diseases. If anyone is visiting India especially during monsoon season, then one must carry Good Knight kits to keep oneself away from mosquitoes. Many deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue, etc. are caused by mosquitoes only.

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