Kochi1 Card: A prepaid card by KMRL and Axis Bank for hassle free ride on Kochi Metro

Learn more about the KMRL Axis Bank Kochi1 card, popularly known as Metro Card or Kochi1 card. Find out how to buy Kochi 1 card to ride Kochi metro without having to wait in the long queue to buy tickets.

Kochi Metro service was inaugurated on June 17, 2017, by the prime minister Mr Narendra Modi. The first-day ride was reserved for special guests and the second day was for differently abled people, a noble initiative by KMRL. Metro train service is open for public starting from June 19, 2017. After the initial rush is settled, daily commuters can start using the metro service using the tickets issued by KMRL.

If you are planning to use Kochi Metro for daily commuting or you want to avail the metro facility occasionally but do not want to waste time in the queue to buy the tickets, the "KMRL AXIS BANK KOCHI1 CARD" is for you.

What is KMRL Axis Bank Kochi 1 Card, a.k.a Kochi Metro Card?

Kochi 1 card, officially called "KMRL Axis Bank Kochi 1 Card", is a prepaid Rupay payment card, issued by Axis Bank and KMRL as a joint venture. This is a pre-paid card, which means, you need to charge this card for an amount of your choice before you can really buy metro tickets or spend money for shopping using the card.

In addition to using this as a shopping card, you can use this as a convenient method of paying for the Kochi Metro tickets. If you have the card, you don't have to wait in the queue to buy metro tickets. The card can be used to travel in the Kochi metro train. Every time you use the card to travel on the train, an appropriate amount will be deducted from your balance.

Kochi1 is a "Rupay Platinum card", which means, this card can be used in any shops or e-commerce websites where Rupay cards are accepted. Rupay cards are the Indian version of payment cards similar to the VISA and Mastercard. India government is heavily promoting the Rupay cards and a lot of offers are available for these cards. The fee to be paid by merchants for accepting payments using Rupay card is significantly lower than the fees for VISA and Mastercard payments. So, merchants prefer Rupay cards compared to other common payment cards.

How to use Kochi1 card to travel in Kochi Metro

If you have the card, instead of waiting in the line, just walk into the access gate in the metro station, hold the card against the card reader for 2 seconds and the gates will be opened for you. Once you use the card and enter the station, the card will be marked accordingly. When you reach your destination, just use the card again to open the exit gate. At the time of exiting, the ticket cost for your travel will be deducted from your prepaid balance.

Few important things to know about Kochi1 card

Some important things to know about Kochi 1 card:
  1. Kochi 1 is a prepaid card. You need to preload an amount before you can use it.
  2. The card is issued by Axis Bank. You don't need an account with Axis Bank to get the Kochi 1 card. However, if you have an account with them, you have a few additional options like recharging the card by SMS, Netbanking or other channels provided by the bank.
  3. There is an initial fee of Rs 150 to buy Kochi 1 card.
  4. The card is issued to a person's name. Just like any other credit or debit cards, you are not expected to give your Kochi 1 card to anyone else.
  5. Only 1 person can travel with the card at a time. This is because when you enter the station, the card is marked as "on travel" and will be released only after you use it for exit.
  6. If multiple people are travelling, you can use the card for one person. For the rest of the people, you can use the card to purchase extra tickets.
  7. Kochi 1 card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.
  8. You can recharge up to Rs 10,000 on this card. If you like to charge more than Rs 10,000, you will need to submit KYC documents to the bank, as per Reserve bank guidelines.
  9. There are annual fees, recharge fees and card blocking fees applicable.

Wach this video for more details on Kochi1 card

How to get Kochi 1 card

The most convenient option to get the Kochi1 card is to apply online in Axis Bank website. You can fill your details online and then collect the card from the metro station of your choice. Visit https://transit.axisbank.co.in/CardRegister.aspx to apply online for metro card.

If you don't have access to the internet, you can visit any metro station in Kochi. There are special counters in every station to apply and buy the Kochi 1 smart card.

Apply online for Kochi1 card in Axis bank website

To buy Kochi 1 card, visit any metro stations in Kochi. Walk into the counter. They will have an application form where you need to fill details like Name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address etc. Hand over the filled form to the issuing counter. Once they enter the information into the system, you will get an SMS alert and an OTP. Tell the OTP to the agent in the counter. It may take up to 2 minutes to feed all the details and print a custom card for you with your name printed on the card. Verify that your name is printed correctly.

You need to pay Rs 150 fee for buying the Kochi 1 card. In addition, once you get the card, you need to recharge the card with an amount of your choice before you can start using the card. Just tell the agent how much you want to recharge in your card and make the payment accordingly.

If you are excited about your card and plan to share a pic on Facebook, make sure you hide your card number in the photo!

Benefits of Kochi1 card

The primary purpose of Kochi 1 card is to make the ticket system smooth and convenient for the passengers. However, like many other credit and debit cards, Axis Bank and KMRL have come up a bunch of special offers for Kochi 1 card users. Some of the offers available as of now are:
  1. 20% discount on every metro ride when you use the card
  2. Direct access to the metro without waiting in the queue for buying tickets
  3. Use it as a convenient shopping card anywhere the Rupay cards are accepted.
  4. Axis bank has signed deals with thousands of restaurants and offer 15% or more discounts on selected restaurants when you use the Kochi1 card to pay your bill.


The Kochi1 card comes with many benefits mentioned above but be aware that there are some fees applicable just like any other payment cards. Some of the fees as of June 19, 2017 are:

1. There is an initial fee of Rs 150 to buy the Kochi1 card.

2. There will be an annual maintenance fee of Rs 75 per year.

3. There will be a recharge fee of Rs 12 for every recharge.

4. If you lose the card, there will be a replacement card fee of Rs 150.

Customer support and assistance

If you have any questions regarding your Kochi1 card or need any assistance in using the card, you can contact the customer support at Axis Bank's cards division for assistance. See the contact details below:

Phone Banking / Customer Care Number: 1800 419 4477

Email: transit.cards@axisbank.com

SMS Banking: SMS the following shortcodes to 5676782

Card Blocking: TBLOCK*

Balance Enquiry: TBAL*

Last 5 Transactions: TTRAN*

*XXXX stands for last 4 digits of the card number.

How to check the balance on your card

If you have an Axis bank account, you can link your prepaid card with your bank account and check the balance anytime through your net banking facilities. If you are not an Axis Bank customer, you have a few options:

1. Use the Kochi Metro official app to view the balance of the linked cards.

2. Visit any metro station and show your card in the ticket counter to check the balance.

3. While riding metro trains, when you use the card, the card reader machine will show you the balance available in the card.

How to report a lost card

If you lose your card, don't get panic. You can always contact the Axis Bank customer support and block your card. Alternatively, you can use the Kochi1 app and there is an option to block the linked Kochi1 card. Once you block the card, no one can use the card. You will be able to block the card by visiting any one of the metro stations in Kochi.

To get a replacement card, contact the Axis Bank customer support or any of the metro stations. You will have to fill the application form with all the details and pay the replacement fee of Rs 150. They will instantly issue you a new card. The balance from the previous card will be transferred to your new card.

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I am an old man who enjoyed the metro ride like a 7 year old. How can i get more Metro card (or Kochi1 card)for my wife and my children in our family.

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I am a Kochi 1 card holder and I am not able to use Kochi 1 card app. Customer not found remarks came I change my mobile number through your toll fee nu.ber My new mobile no is 9446311791

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Please reduce the kochi 1 card rate. Now the rate very high compared to train ticket and bus fair. Aluva to kochi season ticket rate in a train is only rs.100/ for a month.

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