Tripura: Where People Celebrate Diwali with Kali Puja

Diwali is the day when the celebration takes over Tripura. The temples all over Tripura wear a light-up attire with all traditional decoration and lightings. Flowers, diyas and electric lighting decorations turn this place into an incomparable place of beauty.

Diwali is celebrated all over India with high enthusiasm and festive mentality. But India is a land of exceptions and Diwali is also not left behind. Traditionally, most of the India celebrate Diwali with worshiping God Laxmi & Ganesh. But there are 2-3 states which celebrate Diwali with worshipping Goddess Kali instead of Laxmi-Ganesh. Assam, West Bengal, and Tripura are few of them to mention. In this article, I will talk about Diwali celebration with Kali Puja in my home state Tripura.

In Tripura, the highest population is Hindu and the rest is a mixed population of tribal-Muslims-Buddhist-Christian & others. Despite a great population mix, all people of Tripura celebrate Diwali together with worshipping Goddess Kali. The main celebration takes place at Mata Tripura Sundari Temple where thousands of people gather to worship Goddess Kali.

More About Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura Sundari or Tripureshwari temple is one of the 51 Shakti Pitha mentioned in Hinduism. As per Hinduism beliefs, the right foot of Mata Sati was fallen here during Shiva's dance. The goddess Sati worshipped here in the form of Mata Kali. Two identical statues are being worshipped in the temple which is black in color. One statue is 5 feet and another is 2 feet. This place is also called as Kurma Pitha where "Kurma" refers to Tortoise. A pond lies on the eastern side of the temple namely "Kalyan Sagar". The attraction of this pond is the tortoise and aquatic species coming to the shore for food.

The Diwali Celebration

Diwali is the day when the celebration began to overtake this place. The temple wears a light-up attire with all traditional decoration and lightings. Flowers, diyas and electric lighting decorations turn this place into an incomparable place of beauty. The crowd of devotees increases by hundred percent during this day. People from adjacent north-eastern states come to visit this temple and seek blessings of Mata. The statues get the dress in new clothes and jewelry. The temple has rituals of animal sacrifice for many years and in Diwali, many devotees take part in this. Usually, goats are sacrificed in this ritual and before sacrifice, a garland of flower put on their neck. Buffalo scarifies can be done as well but this happens very rarely. The "Kalyan Sagar" also takes up a bright attire with decoration of lights, candles, and diyas.

Reflection of lighting celebration and aquatic animals in the shore increases the beauty of this pond beyond imagination. Diwali is the day when the temple put on its most vibrant color that remains bright till next festival. A big Mela or fair takes place which adds up to the brightness of this temple.

How to reach there:

If you are enthusiastic about catching the Diwali celebration of next year in there then here is the way. Tripura Sundari temple or "Matabari" is located in the small city of Udaipur, Tripura. Udaipur is 55km from the capital city of Tripura, i.e. Agartala. Agartala is well connected to India via air route and road transport system. From Agartala, any cab or taxi can be taken to reach Udaipur "Matabari". It only takes 3-4hrs to reach Udaipur from Agartala via road. It's a one-day event to attend Diwali festival in there from Agartala. Flight booking and hotel bookings in Agartala is better to do in advance for a smooth experience.


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